Who let the dogs in? OneMind Dogs moves its office to Maria 01

July 02, 2020

OneMind Dogs has moved its physical office into Maria 01 after three years of being a community member, strengthening the pet service presence in the largest startup hub in the Nordics. The pet service industry is estimated to be worth around 99 billion dollars in the US alone, and it’s growing globally all the time. OneMind Dogs team is spread out in all corners of the world, with team members from Australia to Finland and the US. Now the Finnish-based marketing team will be steering their global growth from Maria 01, together with their four office dogs, who are bringing good vibes and petting breaks to the community

From Finland to global arena

OneMind Dogs offers a unique training method for all dogs owners, helping them to create a magical connection with their dog – from puppyhood to their first agility championship. Since 2012, the OneMind Dogs community has grown into 100 000+ dog enthusiasts, with over 70% of the customer base in North America. The method teaches people to understand their dog’s point of view, helping them to speak a language the dogs already know, but we have to learn. OneMind Dogs was the first Maria 01 company to be chosen in a big, international pet industry accelerator, Nestlé Purina’s UNLEASHED accelerator program. 

“There are more dogs in the US than there are children, and many countries are following this trend. Training your dog from the first day is crucial to make sure you do your best as a dog owner for preventing behavioral problems arriving at the later stage of the dog’s life”, explains Noora Keskievari, CEO and co-founder of OneMind Dogs. “You don’t need to be a pro to train your dog, nor do you have to spend hours a day on it. Just a few minutes of training in a day makes a happy dog and a happier owner!”

Office dogs help to reduce stress and tension at the workplace

And, let’s be real, happy dogs in the office space make even happier office workers! Multiple studies show that dogs in the workplace provide significant benefits, including better mental health. Taking a few minutes a day to pet a dog reduces stress and helps you to relax. CEO of Maria 01, Ville Simola, agrees: “At Maria 01 we have dogs allowed policy. They are great colleagues since with them it’s most certain you can take time off from any work-related conversation!”

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