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An easy-to-follow online training course with a proven method. Videos and beyond!

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A couple of minutes is plenty! Have fun with your puppy and learn using more than 100+ lessons.

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If you struggle with anything – don’t worry! Our puppy experts have you covered and will personally support you.

Join thousand of happy puppy parents

"Bite-sized lessons provided as fun games to get the most out of each day with your new puppy."

Rachel Blackmer, USA

"Extremely detailed, positive early training for a new puppy."

Tonie Powell, UK

Easy-to-follow training for all puppies

per month

More than 100 online lessons
Flexible training schedule
Suited for all breeds

Free 7-day trial
No credit card required

Fun and simple puppy training

Join thousands of happy puppy parents and become part of the OneMind Dogs puppy pack!

Easy-to-follow course with 100+ lessons

Less than 10 minutes a day is plenty

Train your puppy whenever and wherever it suits you.

7-day free trial. No credit card needed.

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