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OneMind Dogs Agility Online Courses

Our Premium members have access to 400+ online agility lessons, videos, a private discussion forum and support from OneMind Dogs coaches.
Here are some of our most popular courses – we’ve got plenty more for you to discover.

Foundations for Agility

Whether you're looking for something fun to do with your dog, or get their agility career off to a flying start, OneMind Dogs Foundation for Agility program is a perfect match.

Handling Techniques

OneMind Dogs currently uses more than 30 handling techniques. Amazingly, the first 20 are purely natural reactions by the dog to the handlers’ cues!

International Training Week

This program gives you exclusive footage of Leading OneMind Dogs Coaches instructing International Level seminars and analyzing the performance of different teams.

Online Agility Training

  • Agility for all dogs at any level
  • Unlimited access to 400+ lessons, videos and articles
  • Detailed training advice and support
  • New content every fortnight
  • Exclusive members community and offers
Most popular
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"I believe in my soul that this is best method of communication with our dogs. I am not the most athletic person, but with a system this honest the dogs will let you know what they understand. The dogs understand their job!"
– Lynne Luckow
"Love the methodology and how the dogs read it so naturally!"
– Leslie Dawson-North
I love the philosophy of connection with our dogs. Thinking of handling and the course from the dog's perspective changes the whole game!"
– Beth Hostetter

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