Dog and puppy training – Why choose OneMind Dogs?

OneMind Dogs

Why Choose OneMind Dogs?

At OneMind Dogs, we offer more than just effective puppy and dog training. We’re in the business of making dogs’ lives better by helping people become amazing owners and teammates. We believe in building magical connections that last a lifetime and make communication effortless – but what makes our method so successful?

More importantly, why should you choose us as your dog training partner?

The OneMind Dogs method

The OneMind Dogs method gets you mentally connected with your dog. We teach our method to people. We do not need to teach it to dogs; they already speak the language. A deaf Border Collie taught us that the connection between human and dog does not need words. We simply need to learn to listen.

At OneMind Dogs, we run an online service that contains educational dog training videos and articles. Our site is a platform for learning and sharing information with our members. The online service works on a subscription basis. Dog owners around the world can train their dogs with the help of our high-quality, easy-to-follow educational material

Our mission was clear when we opened our doors: help people understand their dogs’ natural behavior. 

Seeing the world through a dog’s perspective is central to the OneMind Dogs method. Dogs love it because it keeps sessions fun and engaging. Agility handlers use it to hone their techniques for more intuitive handling. 

With this method, we’ve grown from a small team of handlers, coaches, and innovators into a global community of passionate owners and happy dogs.

Even after a decade of innovating, we stayed true to the values that brought OneMind Dogs to life. So here are the 7 core beliefs that drive us, the reasons why over 100 000 dogs and 50 000 owners love our method.

1 – We learned by listening to our dogs

The OneMind Dogs method was inspired by the same magical connection it strives to develop. It all starts with our lead coach, Janita Leinonen, her Border Collie Tekla, and their incredible journey. 

Having bred Tekla herself, Janita saw the early signs of an intelligent puppy. Tekla realized her potential when she became the first Border Collie in Finland to win titles in four different dog sports disciplines.

Things took a turn when Tekla lost her hearing in 2003. Janita could no longer rely on the verbal commands. Stopping the training her dog loved wasn’t an option, either – a new form of communication was needed.

Janita began studying the subtle body language and signals of dogs. Using her experiences, she created a training method based on non-verbal cues that dogs already understood. It gave the pair a way to communicate without words, to the point where agility arenas went silent when they competed.

Today, Tekla’s legacy lives on as the dog who taught us to listen.

2 – We create lifetime bonds between humans and dogs

Everything we do is about forging deep connections. Our mission is right there in our name – helping two souls think with one mind. The better we understand our dogs, the easier it is to speak their language. 

These bonds give us insights into how each dog thinks, behaves, and interacts with the world around them. They keep us in tune with their needs and guide us on how to meet them. Nurturing the bond between people and dogs doesn’t just lead to better training, it’s the key to a lifetime of endless fun.

3 – We’re passionate about magical connections

That’s a bit of an understatement. We’re fanatical about magical connections. Ask anyone on our team and they won’t be able to stop going on about them. But there’s a reason we invest in these connections, and the one element they all share — trust. 

Building a connection means building trust with your dog. Trust is crucial to helping puppies adjust to a new home and family. A dog that trusts it’s owner to listen is more likely to express a need. Trusted handlers are rewarded with attentive dogs in training, and confident teammates on the course.

A magical connection doesn’t just improve results, it enriches every part of the process. Without that magic, training is just exercise; but with it, every session doubles as a bonding tool, and always feels like playtime.

4 – We focus on gaining understanding, not control

A trusting dog is more responsive to your commands, but we’re interested in gaining understanding, not control. Control is about what you want, and that rarely aligns with what motivates your dog. A mutual understanding means knowing what dogs value and using it to engage positively.

Knowing how your dog thinks helps you adjust to their natural behavior. Take learning styles, for example.

Some dogs are thinkers while others are doers. Thinkers prefer to get things right the first time and hate repetitive training. Doers are happy to figure things out by exploring but need constant stimulation so they don’t get bored.

Something as simple as watching your dog approach a new task will remove a lot of frustration. It shows you the best way to guide them through an obstacle without being forceful. 

Understanding what your dog values also comes in handy when it’s time to reward them. Positive reinforcement associates your dog’s favorite things – from treats and toys to belly rubs – with following specific cues. When dogs understand the benefits of acting, they’ll rarely need words to follow your lead.

5 – We’re a diverse and vibrant global community

We educate people on how dogs engage with the world, but our human pack is just as important to us. OneMind Dogs is home to a diverse community of brilliant people who share our values. Passion, dedication, and a love for all things dogs are traits that connect thousands of us worldwide.

The best part? Signing up for a OneMind Dogs membership is free. Joining gives you access to an introductory online program, free videos, the community forum, fun newsletters and other bonus content. What could be better than exchanging ideas with those trying to make the world a better place for dogs?

The fun truly never ends with our global pack, and there’s always something new to discuss or discover.  

6 – We believe in what we do and the people we work with

For us, quality education isn’t just exceptional, it’s accessible. The OneMind Dogs method may have been developed by a leading coach and her award-winning agility dog, but it was made to support all owners. We believe in our method, and we believe in every person who wants to listen and understand their dog. 

Making a dog’s life better means equipping people with the tools to be amazing dog owners. That’s why we teach people, not dogs. Our canine friends already speak a silent language, our first role is to be good listeners. 

Anyone can learn the OneMind Dogs method at any experience level. The core values apply no matter where you are in your pet journey. As for dogs, our work supports every stage of their development, from basic life skills to elite training. 

7 – We improve by sharing knowledge and progressing together

The only thing better than making progress is making progress together. Whether it’s our coaching team or the global community, we believe in the power of knowledge, and the importance of sharing it. 

Everything we do is about empowering people and enriching the lives of them and their dogs. We’re driven to improve our industry by offering as much information as possible. That means sharing free resources on our blog, free webinars, expert feedback from our coaches, and all the training insights we’ve gained along the way. 

What makes OneMind Dogs different?

A good training course can teach a dog the basics. A great course will foster the relationship with your dog that you’ve always dreamt of. What makes our method special is its focus on connecrtion. We don’t just teach techniques. We create magical connections that lead to happy homes and improve a dog’s quality of life. 

Working with us helps you tap into the language spoken by dogs around the world. Our method fosters a wordless understanding that’s full of meaning and mutual appreciation. 

Then there’s the way we structure our training. Both our puppy and agility courses are fully available online with dozens of bite-size lessons, videos, and tips. This means you can train anywhere, any time, with no equipment needed. 

Each lesson comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a chat feature when you need support from our professional trainers. Our courses are suitable for all breeds at any level. Put all these perks together and you have the perfect way to build that magical connection with just 10 minutes of fun daily exercises. 

OneMind Dogs — a different perspective on life with your dog

OneMind Dogs is more than a training method, it’s a way of life. It’s a culture founded on empathy, fun, and imagining the world we want for our pets. 

Our mission is to build that world one person at a time. We invest in helping people understand their dogs’ perspectives and what a better world means to them. Over the past decade, our work has reached thousands of lives and homes globally. The testimonials we receive inspire us to keep going, as do all the wagging tails — our favorite kind of feedback!

Wherever your journey as a handler, trainer, or owner takes you next, we’d love to walk with you. If you’re looking for a partner that shares your passion for helping people and dogs enjoy life together, choose OneMind Dogs today. 

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