What your dog REALLY wants this Christmas

December 13, 2021
Are you looking for something more interesting to put under the Christmas tree for your dog this year? Or you just want to make sure your puppy is occupied this holiday season, so they don’t rip up the other presents under the tree and jump all over your guests (yup, we get it).

Our team of dog experts have collectively owned and trained hundreds of happy dogs — and we would like to share our Christmas gift suggestions for your four-legged family member this year, because your dog really doesn’t want another scratchy Christmas jumper 😉

Do you have dog-mad friends and family? We have something for them too!

#1 Something fun to do 

Dogs live in the here and now and are mainly concerned with their most basic needs — eating, drinking, exercising their body and mind and feeling safe and happy with their families. See, Christmas fashion isn’t even on their radar!

Our first gift suggestions are things that will satisfy their brains and their bodies, for a happy and tired pup! 

  • A food puzzle (you can buy these online, just google “dog food puzzle”)
  • A cool piece of backyard equipment like a tunnel to go through
  • A fun game, played with you — like this one
  • A gift card to OneMind Dogs, for endless opportunities to have fun together (we may be a little bias, but this really is the easiest way to a happy, tired dog) !

#2 Something to occupy them

When you’re busy wrapping gifts, preparing food, cleaning the house (again!) or entertaining family and friends this holiday season — your dog will be happier if you give them something to occupy themselves.

  • A Kong or other food-holding toy
  • A safe chew treat such as a pigs ear or beef pizzle (this is especially important if you have a teething pup!)
  • A subscription to Dog TV (yes, there really is such a thing as a streaming service for your dog!)

If your dog still has trouble calming down when left alone, we highly recommend the easy to follow lessons in the OneMind Dogs puppy training program on being left alone, your neighbours will thank you for it.

The silly season can be a busy and overwhelming time for dogs. Make sure to give your dog their own safe space to escape and take a nap (feel free to take a nap with them, it’s ok, we won’t judge)!

#3 To be included in the holiday season fun

Your dog is part of your family, and they love nothing more than to be included in family fun! So, even during this busy time, try to plan some activities that also include your four-legged family member.

  • A gift card to OneMind Dogs foundation for agility so you can enjoy fun and easy exercises together with your dog, you can even get the kids involved.
  • A treat pouch — put some or all of your dog’s meals into it and use it for easy and fun training sessions with your dog. The more you learn together, the better your bond will be!
  • A new lead and harness; walks are more fun when you have the right equipment. If walking your dog is reminiscent of exercising a sledding team, have a look at the “walking nicely on a leash” lessons in our puppy training program.

#4 For their friends to have a great Christmas too

Does your dog have other doggy friends he meets up with regularly? Or are you looking for a gift for your dog-mad friends or family members?

Our gift cards are instant-download and suitable for all kinds of dogs and their owners (and a great gift idea for anyone who just got a puppy and might need a little help)!

We are passionate about making dogs’ lives better through sharing what we have learned from dogs over the years — Happy holidays!

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