What does pet ownership mean to you, Hannah from Austin Pets Alive!

May 13, 2020

We at OneMind Dogs are celebrating the National Pet Month by highlighting two main themes: the joys of owning a pet and responsible pet ownership. We wanted to find out what these concepts mean to our community and friends. 

In these interview series, we have talked with several key members of the OneMind Dogs community about the importance of responsible dog ownership. 

This time, we talked with Hannah Horstman, who is the Corporate Relations Officer at Austin Pets Alive! They pioneer innovative lifesaving programs designed to save the animals most at risk of euthanasia.

Hi Hannah! Tell us a bit about your background? 

I have a degree in Communication Studies, but prior to coming to Austin Pets Alive!, I bounced around a bit until I found where I feel I truly belong! I had worked at a veterinary specialty hospital and when I left that job, I quickly discovered in the new job that I needed to have animals in my work day. Fast forward, I landed at APA! and couldn’t be happier fundraising for the amazing lives of APA!.

What are the animals that own the house you live in?

I have a lab mix named, Somnus, a calico kitty named Merlot and a grey tabby named The Grey Catsby.

How would you describe your life living with a pet?

I grew up with pets and can’t imagine a life without them! Pet personalities add so much value to a family and honestly, help teach lessons of love, patience and not taking life too seriously!

We at OneMind Dogs are emphasizing responsible pet ownership. What does this mean to you?

I think the most important thing someone can do when making the decision to bring a pet into their care, is to recognize that animals are individual beings. It is so important to treat pets with respect and to understand that you are their caregiver, their lifeline!

What is the best part in owning a dog?

Experiencing a being who is unapologetically themselves!

Thank you Hannah! 

If you want to learn more about Austin Pets Alive! and OneMind Dogs collaboration, check out this video.

Responsible ownership starts with training your dog

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