National Pet Month Advocates Responsible Dog Ownership

April 30, 2020

National Pet Month is celebrated in the United States during May. It’s main purpose is to promote pet ownership; advocate pet adoption; create awareness about the benefits our pets have for us; increase the services by pet professionals; and bring up the importance of working and companion animals. 

We at OneMind Dogs support all the above, and want to bring you, dear pet owners, food for thought. Especially in these strange times we are living, we feel it’s utmost important to consider pet ownership from a responsible point of view.

Getting the new, cute family member now when you are most probably spending more time at home than usual does have its upsides. House training and teaching puppies to be alone is much easier when you can do it in gradual, easy steps. However, puppies shouldn’t be bought as a last minute thought. 

When you are considering adopting or buying your first dog, you should consider:

  • Do you have the necessary resources to take care of the dog, especially if something unexpected happens?
  • Does the dog fit into your lifestyle also after life settles into its normal course? 
  • Are you prepared to train your dog to make him or her the perfect companion for the rest of your life together?

Responsible dog ownership starts from this check-list – if you can tick all these points, then you are ready to start your journey as a pet owner! And we know, it’s one of the best journeys you can have. 

Training your dog builds the foundation for a pawfect life between you and your dog

We created the Puppy Training by OneMind Dogs program to make sure that all puppies and dogs get the best possible start to their lives with their new families. With over 100+ bite-size lessons we want to make sure that all dog owners can start building the magical connection with their dog. 

Once we humans learn to see the world from our puppy’s point of view, it makes sense why coming to you why choosing you over a puppy friend might be a tough call for him, or why your smelly sneakers are the best lunch one can have. 

When you understand your puppy’s point of view, you’ll find out what you have to do to be the most amazing person of the universe for your puppy — and to get him to do what you’d like him to do! 

If you’re interested, jump in and start your free trial right away!

Does your dog know all the basics already, but you would like to challenge you both with new skills? Doing fun exercises with your dog builds your magical connection and trust! 

Agility Foundation is an easy, step-by-step guide for your and your brand new agility champion to start a new hobby! You don’t need to know anything about agility – you and your dog will learn it together! Check out our preview video below and try it out. 

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Should you set up a dog agility course in your backyard?

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