Puppy training tips — The benefits of online puppy training

Congratulations on welcoming a new puppy into your life! This exciting journey comes with laughter, love, and, yes, the challenge of training. As you embark on this new adventure, it’s crucial to choose a training method that establishes a strong bond between you and your new friend. With so many options, deciding on the best approach can feel overwhelming.

Say hello to online puppy training – an innovative and increasingly popular choice that offers numerous benefits for both you and your pup. Gone are the days of relying solely on traditional in-person classes. Now, you can access quality training from the comfort of your home.

In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits of online puppy training from a human and dog perspective. We’ll also touch on how OneMind Dogs emphasizes fostering genuine bonds through consistent, habitual practice.

What is online puppy training?

Online puppy training is a modern approach to teaching through digital platforms. It involves accessing a comprehensive selection of:

  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step online lessons
  • Webinars
  • In-depth videos
  • Infographics
  • And more!

OneMind Dogs online courses focus on building a strong bond between you and your dog using effective communication techniques grounded in connection, understanding, and positive reinforcement. You’ll have all the tools for success at your fingertips, with no need to leave home. The lessons only require 10-minutes of your time each day and the results are outstanding!

The importance of puppy training from a dog’s perspective

To appreciate the benefits of online training, we must first understand the importance of basic dog training. Puppies need guidance in their new world full of exciting smells, tasty treats, and endless belly rubs. Proper training helps them learn the ropes of their new environment and how to meet your expectations as an owner. When you are proactive in your training, there’ll be no need to solve endless puppy behavior problems later on!

OneMind Dogs emphasizes creating a genuine connection with your puppy through dog-first techniques. Our approach fosters mutual trust and respect. We help set the stage for successful learning experiences that place value on understanding each other rather than asserting control. In other words, we teach you how to see the world from your puppy’s eyes and talk in a language they understand. By focusing on comprehension and positive reinforcement, you’ll tap into your dog’s natural instincts, building a strong and lasting bond between the two of you.

Outdated concepts such as pack leader mentality or dominance-based training have no place at OneMind Dogs. Instead, our ethos centres around forming partnerships through daily habits. Now let’s fetch some information about the benefits of online puppy training compared to in-person classes.

The benefits of online training vs. in-person classes

The world is rapidly evolving, and so is the approach to puppy training. After the pandemic, we saw many services shift to a digital model. Dog training is one of them, and dogs (and owners) worldwide couldn’t be happier. 

Here’s a rundown of some major perks you’ll enjoy when opting for online puppy training:


Imagine training your pup without leaving the comfort of your home, local park and regular walking route. That’s the convenience online training provides! You can set aside worries about commuting or navigating busy streets to attend physical classes. Instead, simply grab your favorite device and begin your session right in your living room.

This convenient approach allows you and your dog to avoid potential stressors often found by exposing your puppy to group settings before you’ve had a chance to bond and build trust. We’re talking about unfamiliar surroundings, other dogs’ barking and approaching your dog, or even intimidating trainers. You can just focus on what truly matters. And that’s creating a strong connection through shared experiences.


Flexibility is key in fitting puppy training into our dynamic lives. Online courses are perfect for accommodating busy schedules. They also allow participants to progress at their own pace, a luxury rarely available within structured group classes.

At OneMind Dogs, we offer flexible options tailored to your situation. You might be dealing with a hectic work schedule or juggling family commitments alongside your pet parenting duties. Either way, you can access training materials and sessions anytime without missing a beat.

When opting for online training, you also gain the freedom to learn at a pace that suits you and your dog. Our comprehensive video tutorials can be paused, replayed, or even slowed down. This system allows you to absorb new concepts and refine techniques before moving on to more advanced topics.


A significant concern for many dog owners is the cost associated with puppy training. In-person classes can be quite expensive, and their rigid schedules may not always cater to your specific needs. High-quality online lessons offer a more affordable alternative while still providing top-quality education, with expert trainers.

With OneMind Dogs online platform, you can access various courses and materials catering to different budgets. We believe that professional puppy training should remain accessible to as many people as possible, which is why we developed our puppy training app which you can use for only $10 USD per month.

Our Agility Training series is split into “Foundation” and “Premium.” We understand that not everyone competes in dog shows, so we designed the Foundation level to focus on having an amazing time with your dogs while building basic skills together. This plan is available for only a fraction of the total cost, so it’s ideal for busy parents in need of budget-friendly solutions for fun training ideas.

Additionally, online training eliminates expenses associated with transportation and class fees. They allow you to invest those savings back into your canine companion through toys, treats, or more learning resources.

Personalized training plans

Every puppy is unique, meaning they all come with their distinct personalities, quirks, and challenges. We celebrate these differences by allowing personalized paths for each dog based on its needs. Since you can move at your own pace and choose your curriculum, you’re the boss regarding training.

Online training allows for a much greater range of customization. You can create an effective program that aligns with their development progress by identifying areas where they excel and those requiring extra attention or modification.

Plus, you’ll have access to plenty of support from OneMind Dogs. We pride ourselves on offering advice and personal feedback from experienced trainers who are experts at dog training. So, there’s no need to worry about your puppy receiving optimal support throughout their journey.

And who doesn’t love sharing success stories? Our platform encourages users to share testimonials from fellow dog owners. Like you, these people experienced firsthand the benefits of our tailored approach. You’ll find plenty of cute photos and videos, too! If you enjoy listening to podcasts, you can hear more about the dog’s perspective by listening to ours!

Experienced, professional trainers

You want someone knowledgeable and dedicated by your side throughout this process. We’ve got just what you need! Rest assured that our trainers have extensive dog behavior knowledge. They can teach you all about positive reinforcement techniques, building lasting connections and other essential skills. With them by your side, you’ll be well-equipped to help set your puppy up for success.

The best part? It’s all included as part of your subscription. You gain valuable insights from years of hands-on experience working with dogs of various breeds, ages, and backgrounds. This means that your puppy benefits from tried-and-tested methods to address its needs. And you can contact our coaching team at any time to ask questions or send in videos for feedback and suggestions!

Access to Additional Material

As you can see from this blog post, videos aren’t the only materials you’ll find on our site. We make it a priority to provide participants with a wide variety of resources they can draw from. If your pup is your passion, you’ll learn heaps of information on topics such as nutrition, grooming, exercise regimens, and much more.

We aim to be your all-in-one source for canine education, so you’ll find helpful articles, webinars, and more in our database.

Making Training an Everyday Habit

Consistency is all about forming habits that yield tangible results over time. Integrating training into daily routines not only strengthens the bond between you and your canine companion but also clarifies each other’s cues, boundaries, and expectations.

However, it can be challenging to integrate such a routine into our 21st-century lives. Online training makes it much easier to establish and maintain this vital routine by providing accessible resources right at your fingertips.

There’s always an opportunity for learning moments throughout the day, and it just became easier to find it. Whether practicing basic commands during mealtime or reinforcing good behavior during play breaks, online courses equip you with the tools necessary to create lasting habits.

Using online courses as a supplement to in-person lessons

We get it; some people appreciate the socialisation and the human element that comes with in-person sessions. And that’s totally fine! But did you know that you can still benefit from online courses even if you’re attending traditional classes? The two approaches don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Online courses offered by OneMind Dogs serve as a fantastic supplement to in-person lessons. They provide additional resources, tips, and guidance whenever needed. Combining these methods gives your pup the best of both worlds. They get a well-rounded education backed by hands-on experience and valuable expertise accessible permanently!

You’ll enjoy the benefits of flexibility and convenience provided by our online platform while reinforcing those essential skills learned during in-person lessons. The result? An even stronger bond between you two and a well-trained pupper!

Final thoughts

In conclusion, online puppy training provides numerous benefits that contribute towards successful dog ownership. Our mission is to make dogs’ lives better all over the world, thank you for taking the time to learn more about what we do and we hope to see you and your pup online soon!

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