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”From the dog’s perspective”

Hear inspiring stories of dogs and their owners

OneMind Dogs’ podcast, “From the Dog’s Perspective,” shares amazing stories of journeys undertaken by dogs and their owners, from all around the world.

The core focus is on how we can be the best possible dog owners – from the dog’s perspective, of course!

About the podcast

When dog owners learn more about the dog’s perspective, it’s a life-changing moment! You need to experience it yourself to be able to really understand what it’s all about. With small changes to your own behavior, you are able to achieve a magical connection with your dog. Which you’ll hear more about as we talk to people about how their relationship with their dogs has changed.

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The host Noora Keskievari (OneMind Dogs Coach & CEO), is passionate about understanding the dog’s perspective and helping others to have a happy and balanced life with their dogs.

“It’s always very inspirational to hear from others – their journey with their dogs and what they’ve learned about the dog’s perspective,”


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About OneMind Dogs

The OneMind Dogs method is all about the dog’s point of view. Everything we teach in Agility is about seeing the world from your dog’s perspective, and having fun together. 100,000 happy dogs with 50,000 happy owners have used the OneMind Dogs method, and to put it simply: it just works.

Our mission is to give a happy life to dogs by helping people become amazing dog owners.