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OneMind Dogs Premium membership special offer from your coach

With a OneMind Dogs Premium membership, you have instant access to hundreds of dog agility training videos and articles on the OneMind Dogs method! 
Our method and the way of training are based on exercises that are short, super fun for both you and your dogs – and most importantly right now – they are easily done with no special training equipment or big training facilities!  
To help you make the most out of your training over the coming weeks when your usual classes may be on hold, we have a special offer for you from your coach! Sign up with the OneMind Dogs Premium membership and get a 65% discount for the first month of your automatically recurring Premium membership. You can cancel the subscription anytime.
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The offer is valid until April 30th 2020

OneMind Dogs Agility Online Courses

Our Premium members have access to 400+ online agility lessons.
Here’s some of our most popular courses – many more are waiting for you!

Foundation for Agility

Give your puppy’s agility career the best possible start with OneMind Dogs Foundation for Agility program.

Handling Techniques

OneMind Dogs currently uses more than 30 handling techniques. Amazingly, the first 20 are purely natural reactions by the dog to the handlers’ cues!

International Training Week

This program gives you exclusive footage of Leading OneMind Dogs Coaches instructing International Level seminars and analyzing the performance of different teams.

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