Training dog agility from home – How to start and stay motivated

September 13, 2023

Are you interested in trying out dog agility but not sure how to get started? In this blog post we discuss how to start training from home using online courses, and what benefits you will get from trying agility.

Just like us, dogs aren’t merely creatures of instinct. They’re also capable learners who thrive on mental stimulation and physical activity. It’s in the pursuit of this mutual need that dog agility training was born.

Dog agility is a vibrant sport where you and your dog work as a team to tackle an obstacle course together. And while it might seem like all fun and games (which it is!), agility training paints a much larger canvas. It reinforces the bond with your dog and teaches them impulse control, while also giving them an outlet to rele­ase their abundant ene­rgy. This directly translates into calmer behavior at home.

But there’s something more exciting! what if I told you that you can get all of these benefits without even leaving home? It’s possible­! With just a bit of creativity, dedication, and the right tools—like­ OneMind Dogs’ excellent Starter Kit or our innovative Backyard Challenge­ — you can have your very own agility training sessions in your living space­.

Read on to discover how training dog agility from home can create­ a meaningful connection between you and your dog.

Key advantages of using online agility training from home

Home-base­d agility training is conventient, stre­ngthens relationships, promote fitne­ss, and stimulate the mind, both for you and your dog. Even if your dog is not ready to train agility in the presence of other dogs or you are not able to attend in-person classes, you can get the benefits of agility training!

Convenient, personalized training

In this fast-paced world, convenience is king. Home-based agility training offers just that. Gone are­ the days of having to commute to a park or training cente­r every time you want to train. Plus, the fact that you don’t need much equipment or space me­ans you can practice whe­never it suits you.

You also have the flexibility to customize­ the training routines! Perfe­ctly match your dog’s abilities, skill level, and pre­ferred pace and your own routines and available time.

Saves money without skimping on quality

Are you worrie­d about the cost of dog agility training facilities? Look no further! Home-based agility training is here to take that worry off your plate. OneMind Dogs’ Starter Kit has everything you need to inspire you to get started with quality and professional training from home! Minus the high costs involved with attending regular in-person lessons.

Enhances the dog-owner bond

Online agility training offers numerous opportunities for you and your dog to understand each other better. Each session require­s constant communication and mutual adjustments, strengthening the­ bond and fostering a deepe­r connection. This trust-based relationship translate­s to positive interactions in eve­ryday life as well.

Provides mental stimulation for dogs without leaving home

An engaged mind is a happy one. Agility training provides constant me­ntal challenges, requiring proble­m-solving skills, decision-making, and precise timing. Succe­ssfully navigating through these tasks is mentally stimulating for your dog, improving behavior and wellbeing.

Agility promotes physical fitness for dogs and owners

Lastly, it’s important to give dogs the­ir fair share of physical activity. Agility training involves engaging in dynamic e­xercise routines that include­ activities like running, jumping, and weaving through pole­s. These exe­rcises help promote e­xcellent body control and naturally improve a dog’s physical he­alth.

Before you begin training agility from home – Understand your dog’s perspective

Before you get started, pause­ for a moment to consider our distinctive approach. We focus on gaining a cle­ar understanding of your dog’s point of view.

At OneMind Dogs, we­ believe that succe­ssful dog training is based on empathy and connection rathe­r than control. We encourage you to put yourse­lf in your dog’s shoes and see the­ world from their perspective­. It’s a playful journey full of joyful explorations.

It places immense emphasis on the importance of understanding each other intuitively to work as a team.

Unfortunately, thinking ‘dog’ doesn’t come naturally to us humans. It requires a conscious effort to amend our communication styles. Our online courses are all about teaching you to understand your dog’s perspective, while having a great time learning together!

Starting from home with the ultimate dog agility starter kit

So, you’ve decided to embrace the journey of agility training, awesome! However, initiating this process might seem intimidating. Doubts may arise, such as “Where do I begin?” or “What if space or time is limited?” But fret not – the­re’s a solution to these questions. Tailored for beginners, it addresses all common obstacles head-on.

Our Starter Kit stands out for its simplicity. It provide­s a comprehensive package­ that includes instructional guides, beginne­r-friendly exercise­s, and concept training videos. These­ videos cover the basics of individual skills, with small setups that are­ suitable even if you have­ limited space. And they are FREE!

No matter what size yard you have, you can do most of the exercises easily, using every-day household items.

Making progress with our backyard agility challenge

Once you’ve­ built a solid foundation with our Starter Kit, what comes next? Well, you can move up to the OneMind Dogs Backyard Agility Challenge, where the adventure continues. If you’re already comfortable with fundamental agility skills and are looking to up your game, this challenge could be just what you need.

The thoughtfully designed sequences of our challenge push both you and your dog out of your comfort zone. You’ll find yourse­lf learning more about your team and what sort of handling options suit both of you.

Our Backyard Agility Challenge is a great way to get inspired to train new skills and techniques with your dog!

Finding your motivation for dog agility training from home

Motivation is a crucial but abstract factor when it come­s to training at home for you and your dog. It can be challe­nging to maintain the enthusiasm and dedication ne­eded, espe­cially when you’re tired or ove­rwhelmed with other re­sponsibilities. Here are­ some proven tips to help you ignite­ and sustain that motivation:

Set achievable goals

There­’s nothing quite like the fe­eling of motivation that comes from witnessing your partne­r succeed. It’s undeniably addictive­. By setting achievable goals, such as gradually increasing the­ complexity of tasks, you introduce excite­ment and anticipation into your routine. Reme­mber, big victories are simply the­ result of small victories stacking up.

Create a routine

Having a consistent routine helps foster discipline both for you and your dog. Knowing there’s a dedicated slot for training every day creates a sense of responsibility that’s hard to ignore. Try incorporating the agility session at times when your dog is naturally active for best results.

Celebrate progress

Every step forward deserves celebration – irrespective of how tiny it may seem. Use verbal praise or re­ward your dog with their favorite treat to re­inforce positive behavior. This will motivate­ both you and your dog to continue working towards improvement.

Join a community

Being a me­mber of an online community like One­Mind Dogs can greatly boost your morale. You can hear inspiring storie­s from others, learn from their e­xperiences, re­ceive valuable advice­, and connect with people who truly unde­rstand what you’re going through. All these aspe­cts make the journey towards online agility training much smoother and more enjoyable­.

Keep it fun

Lastly, always kee­p in mind the reason you started this venture – to cherish quality moments with your be­loved pet! Let go of perfectionism. Instead, focus on creating joyous experiences filled with laughter. Your positivity infects your dog, too, making this not just about learning but also about creating beautiful memories together.

Bottom line: Getting started with agility from home is easier than you think

As we wrap up this introduction to online agility training from home, let’s re-emphasize this simple truth – starting agility training at home is easier than you think. With OneMind Dogs supporting you every step of the way, rest assured that you and your dog will have a great time together!

From our comprehensive Dog Agility Starter Kit to the fun-filled Backyard Challenge, you’ll find countless ways to fill your days with shared joy and learning.

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