Before you start training your puppy, walk a mile in their shoes!

March 29, 2023

If there’s one thing you need to know about getting a puppy, it’s this: they will change your life forever. Dogs are a blessing, but they’re also a major responsibility. You often see people describe themselves as “puppy parents” for good reason — small puppies need your attention, love, and care 24/7, just like a human baby.

There are many milestones to look forward to, and a fair share of challenges as your pup grows. You’ll probably find yourself asking, “What have I gotten myself into?” when they start barking all night long, refusing to go to the bathroom outside, and turning your couch into their new bed.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to spend hours searching “how to train my puppy” online. All you need to do is find a philosophy that teaches you to understand how your growing pup sees the world.

At OneMind Dogs, we don’t train dogs. We teach people. When people learn how to speak their dog’s language, amazing things happen. Our online puppy training is built on the principles of understanding, patience, and clear communication—from a dog’s mindset.

What to Know Before You Get a Puppy

Puppies are far from being one and the same. Each one has a unique temperament and personality that will emerge as they grow. You never really know what a dog will be like, but researching breeds before adding a furry friend to your home can make a big difference.

If you’re still on the fence about whether a puppy is right for you, the American Kennel Club has plenty of great information to help you decide.

We also want to help you understand puppy 101, so you can avoid the most common puppy training mistakes new owners make.

First, know that it’s okay to be nervous! Puppies are a huge responsibility. The fact that you care so much already sets you up to be a great owner. Now, you just need the right knowledge and skills to coach your puppy into the superstar dog we know they can be.

Next, know that puppies take a lot of time and patience to transform into your dream dog. It isn’t just a matter of getting their basic manners sorted. But, don’t worry — you can teach all the skills you need during your day-to-day interactions with your dog, there’s no need for special, extra training sessions. To train your pup successfully, you need to spend time bonding with them. They need to trust you as much as you need to trust them. This lays the foundation for your entire life together.

Finally, realize that puppies need connection and persistence. Timing is ultra-important, too; when and where you train your dog can set them up for success or failure. Learning how to train a puppy before you try to train your own can make a huge difference—and spare you a lot of frustration!

Puppy Training 101: The OneMind Dogs Approach

A deaf dog named Tekla taught us everything we know. We’ve used the incredible lessons she showed us to help thousands of owners and their dogs discover their own magical connection.

When her Border Collie lost her hearing, our lead coach, Janita Leinonen, realized that she would need to rethink dog training. She didn’t force Tekla to speak human. Instead, she studied her closely, and discovered that there is a special language humans can use, that dogs know instinctively.

The OneMind Dogs approach to puppy training uses a language that even an 8-week-old puppy can understand. When you learn your dog’s perspective and use the dog’s instinctive understanding of body language to give your cues, training becomes easy and effortless!

We believe that dogs are not only intelligent but intuitive. They speak a language that humans can learn and use to shape their pup’s behavior into exactly what they need it to be.

1. We Help Dogs and Humans Live in Harmony

Training should never feel like you vs. your puppy. It should be a team effort from day one! Our approach helps pups and their owners bond throughout the training process. By focusing on elements like eye contact, body language, and hand gestures, we teach humans the language dogs know, and show them how to teach their puppies how to be amazing dogs.

2. We Believe in Magical Connections Between Owners and Their Dogs

You may fall in love with your puppy the moment you hold them. This love can only grow deeper to include all of their fun personality quirks and silly habits. They, too, will grow up to love you more each and every day.

You should be your dog’s best friend, just like you want them to be yours. There is nothing more incredible than looking into your dog’s eyes and just knowing you’re there for each other. And that only comes through trust.

We teach you how to build trust with your puppy right from the start. Every lesson we teach is meant to bring you and your pup closer together. As your bond strengthens, you naturally understand each other better.

Combined with positive reinforcement, connection and trust are what makes our training transformative.

3. Our Goal is to Teach You How to Understand Your Puppy, Not How to Control Them

Dogs don’t need control, they need guidance. You will have a much better bond with your dog when you show them the right way to behave instead of scolding them for doing the wrong thing. Puppies, like babies, are brand new in life. There are so many exciting sounds, sights, and smells vying for their attention.

Owners who try to override their natural curiosity and distractibility will only wind up forcing their dog to obey. This never works in the long run and is a fast way to ruin trust and connection.

OneMind Dogs believes that puppies need support and guidance from the dog’s perspective in order to thrive. That’s why our online puppy training celebrates all the great moments of puppyhood and makes you a part of them. With our program, you’ll learn why your puppy does what they do, and what motivates them to do certain actions. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to transform daily habits into learning opportunities for your puppy.

Exploration is a natural part of growing up! We help you learn how to give your puppy the best head start, so they can keep growing happily by your side.

The easiest way to train your puppy — Puppy School in your pocket!

With our approach, we make teaching your puppy basic life skills fun and enjoyable for the both of you. Our goal is to help you create a strong foundation that supports a loving, lifelong relationship with your dog.

Our online puppy training features short, easy lessons from your dog’s point of view. From sit and stay to housetraining, staying home alone, biting, socializing and leash manners, we cover everything you need to know about creating a safe, happy life for your pup.

The aim of the game is to prevent problems before they even begin! This way, you can keep your relationship with your puppy stress-free and fun. Instead of constantly correcting them and trying to solve problem behaviors that developed from a lack of understanding each other.

We lean into the curiosity and joy of a puppy’s world, so you can take part in the magic, too.

Download our Puppy Survival Guide by filling out the form below and set yourself up for success with your puppy!

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