Brush up your Foundation Exercises with OneMind Dogs Online Community

OneMind Dogs Team
April 03, 2020

With all the extra time at home right now, what a better opportunity to get back to basics and make sure your dog has all the essential skills for running agility courses. It’s a perfect time to troubleshoot and fix minor issues that your usual busy schedule doesn’t allow – and get back to the agility course stronger than ever!

OneMind Dogs Foundation for Agility is an online course you can work through at your own pace. The topics have been split into short and easy-to-follow lessons. You can start the course from the comfort of your living room or garden, and most of the exercises don’t require any obstacles or equipment.

The Foundation for Agility exercises have been originally designed for puppies and young dogs, but they are the go-to-exercises whenever any problems arise in training. They’re also great for keeping your dog happy and active now that your usual routines together might be on hold. 

Train together with your online training buddies & our support team!

Being away from your regular training buddies in class, it’ll be great to have a strong online community around you. You can follow the Foundation for Agility program on our website, post your training videos to a specifically assigned area of our discussion forum and chat with your online training buddies in the OneMind Dogs community.

OneMind Dogs Assistant Coach Katelyn Scott  and OneMind Dogs Instructor Stephanie Williams are also currently working through the course exercises with their own dogs. They’re posting their training sessions to the discussion forum, so it’s definitely worth following them for some extra inspiration. Both Katelyn and Stephanie will be happy to comment on your training videos, and help you out if you get stuck!

You can read more about the Foundation for Agility course here – and our team will be happy answer any questions you may have. This course is available as part of our Premium membership subscription but you can follow the course related discussions for free by just signing up on our site!

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