Coach Mikko’s 2020 Christmas tree agility course

OneMind Dogs Team
December 21, 2020

It’s almost Christmas and the whole OneMind Dogs team (particularly our Coaches and Instructors!) are well and truly into the festive mood.

Leading OneMind Dogs Mikko Aaltonen wanted to share this year’s Christmas-themed course with the entire OneMind Dogs online community — so here it is!

My students wished for a Christmas themed course and a competition for our last class before the holidays. 

So, just like last year, I created a new Christmas tree course. There are two options for the same setup: easier and a bit more advanced one.

You will need quite a lot of space to build the whole course, but you can also choose some sequences out of it and practice them individually!

You get to practice different kinds of handling options on both courses. Take some time to consider what options you have for handling, and then start testing them with your dog! 

christmas tree agility course

In some parts of the courses you can also time different options to find out which one is the fastest, for example:

  • #14 -#18 on the easier course
  • #7 – #12 on the advanced course

You can find the printable course maps here:

Show us how you went! Remember to tag us on Facebook and Instagram with #oneminddogs so we can share the festive fun with you.

Oh, and if you’re looking for even more fun Christmas training, check out our free Christmas collection on the OneMind Dogs website below!

Happy Holidays,

The OneMind Dogs team

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