Agility Guided Courses: what are they, and how can I join in?

October 14, 2020
agility guided courses

Receive video feedback and boost your training with Agility Guided Courses 

OneMind Dogs guided courses are the perfect bridge between the videos you see on our learning platform and the results you can achieve in your own backyard. Guided courses are included in OneMind Dogs premium subscriptions and feature personalised feedback from a OneMind Dogs expert. 

What’s a Guided Course?

During a Guided Course, a OneMind Dogs Coach or Instructor will take you through some of our premium exercises in a structured way, with detailed tips and video demonstrations. 

Participants are encouraged to try the exercises and film their training sessions, and then submit the videos for feedback. You can also view the videos and feedback from the other participants to boost your learning experience — like attending a seminar or group lesson! 

How do I participate?

You can find the Guided Courses in our Forum by scrolling down to the one that interests you — once you’re there, you can introduce yourself and your dog, then get started with the lessons! . 

We’ll have some that are already completed and others currently in progress, but you can post in any of the courses and still receive feedback — the courses don’t stop once the final lesson is posted.

When we start a new guided course, we’ll tell you about it in our newsletter (keep an eye on your emails!) and on our social media channels. Then, you’ll be able to register for the course to receive reminder emails when new lessons are posted.

What do people say about them?

Joining in a Guided Course is a great addition to your toolboxes, and it’s super fun to do the exercises alongside other members (not to mention watching all of the awesome videos!) 

“This course was excellent. By reviewing all the technique videos combined with your personal tips I picked up so many things I originally missed. I now have a much better understanding of these techniques, increasing my toolbox and helping me improve my handling”.

“I was able to post videos of the lessons and always got detailed, helpful feedback with tips on how to improve. I don’t speak English very well but that wasn’t a problem, and there are always translation programs available if needed. At the end of the course, when Naama was 7 months, we could even run a small sequence. We had so much fun training! We’ve already registered for the second part of the course with OneMind Dogs instructor Stephanie Williams

Heidi, OneMind Dogs enthusiast

You can read more about another community member’s experience with guided courses and how they influenced her training journey here: Jacqui’s story

Personal tips and video feedback

Alongside the premium content that the instructor sets for homework, they’ll also give you some personal tips. 

Here’s an example tips video for the False Turn from one of our guided courses with OneMind Dogs instructor Stephanie Williams. Isn’t her Sheltie, Dash, so sweet? 

Not a premium member yet? No worries — you can sign up below!

With a premium membership, you’ll have access to the entire OneMind Dogs agility training library of over 400 lessons, foundation training, members forum and of course, all our guided courses.

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