Foundations are the key to a successful agility career

OneMind Dogs Team
July 08, 2020
agility foundations

Foundation training impacts your future agility career with your dog more than you might realize. Even if your dog seems to breeze through any new task you give him, it’s always best to start from the basics. 

The exercises you do during foundation training teach your dog:

  • how to use his body, 
  • how to learn, and 
  • how to respond to your handling on the agility course.

More importantly, however, is the energy and tone of your foundation training sessions — this will set your dog’s mindset and attitude for future training sessions and competitions.

Agility Foundations is all about fun!

At OneMind Dogs, we think that each training session with a puppy or new dog should feel like you are at a playground or an amusement park — instead of an army boot camp. Some of our coaches have even started calling OneMind Dogs foundation “FUNdation”!

During the first few training sessions together with your puppy, you build up your puppy’s attitude for agility. If you show your puppy how genuinely happy you are about doing this fun stuff with him, he’ll feel the same way!

In each exercise you do, the main goal is that you both have fun and that your puppy learns to try new things confidently. It doesn’t matter if the exercises don’t run perfectly smooth. Instead, focus more on having your puppy give it his best shot, and move at the best possible speed in each situation.

OneMind Dogs new and improved Foundation for Agility program covers everything your puppy needs to have a long and successful agility career with you. We’ll help you teach your puppy lots of fun things, including how to:

  • Drive forward independently
  • Turn in a safe and efficient manner
  • Work at a distance
  • Not chase the handler
  • Follow your handling in many different situations

We’re still adding lessons regularly, so this program will continue to evolve. The best part is that the Foundation for Agility program is already included in your agility premium subscription. 

Not a premium member yet? No worries. You can sign up right here!

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