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We have re-organized our content into easy-to-follow themes and improved learning paths. Just follow lesson after lesson, and you’ll be sure to get it right.

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Our professional agility coaches now offer regular guided courses where you can get personal advice and amazing tips to level up your agility.

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Learn distance handling

Being able to handle your dog from a distance is a handy skill for agility handlers of all ages and athletic abilities — and this new course by Leading Coach Janita Leinonen is the perfect way to learn!

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Our videos and articles guide you through the teaching stages of each foundation exercise, obstacle training and handling technique in great detail. No matter what your current level is – we’ve got it covered!

"My agility skills are improving so much with the OneMind Dogs website and classes I have been able to attend here in Virginia, US. Please send my compliments to the whole team!"
– Dottie Clements
"OneMind Dogs is the definition of continuous improvement. Your website is FANTASTIC and just keeps getting better. I love the additions of materials from OneMind Dogs Coaches around the globe."
– Arlene Lillie

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