10 commandments of dog agility

The 10 commandments of Dog Agility

Be the best possible teammate for your agility dog

Do you want to be a better handler for your agility dog?


Janita Leinonen, the creator of the OneMind Dogs method alongside her Border Collie Tekla, wrote down the 10 Commandments of Agility. These commandments were created to help you achieve the goal of being the best possible teammate for your dog. You can download a poster of the commandments for free, or join Agility Premium and we will send you a detailed eBook, complete with videos and examples of each commandment.

“I love teaching the OneMind Dogs handling techniques… But the heart and soul of this method are the Ten Commandments. If you look to those statements to guide your agility trialling and training with your dog, you can’t possibly go wrong!”

Liza Buckner

4 reasons to upgrade to Agility Premium

You'll learn the importance of understanding the dog's perspective in agility
30 different handling techniques to fill your toolbox and tackle any course!
Topics for all phases of your agility journey from foundations and obstacle training to advanced course work and MUCH more
Amazing coaching team supporting you along the way (video feedback included)

We teach a revolutionary method that transformed our perspective to align with our dogs'

Everything we teach is about understanding dog agility (and the world in general) from the dog's point of view and having fun together. Our method is developed by dogs – for dogs. What's the result? A feeling of connection that is like two souls with one mind. And you can achieve it too.

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