Learn how to build trust and create a lifelong bond with your puppy by training them important life skills.

For the last three decades, we’ve been developing a training method that makes sense for all dogs and breeds worldwide. What’s our secret recipe?We train you how to teach your pup from the dog’s perspective.

It’s time to set your puppy up for success!

Did you know that while a puppy can not yet understand your words, they have a natural ability to understand your body language? With our training method you’ll learn how to teach your dog skills in a way that naturally makes sense to them. The more natural something is for a dog, the less repetitions it will take for them to learn it.

You will learn how to guide your puppy to learn the life skills every dog needs, and your puppy will have the best time playing with you. Over 168 different breeds, 50 000 owners, and their 100 000 happy dogs can back us up — our method simply makes sense.

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Download the app to start your free trial

How does OneMind Dogs online training work?

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agility guided courses

1. Check out the lesson
Learn about your puppy's point of view, understand the lesson, goals, and watch the short video.


2. Practice with your puppy
Follow the step-by-step instruction and have fun with your pup, while teaching them super important doggy life skills.

agility training diary

3. Keep track of your progress
Mark the lesson complete and celebrate! And if you're stuck anywhere, our team of dedicated puppy experts will guide you through your challenges.

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Trusted by puppy parents around the world

Our simple videos, tips, and expert support will guide you step-by-step through each lesson, so you can focus on having an awesome time with your puppy.

I now understand my dog’s point of view, and I’m so thankful for all the help OneMind Dogs has given us!
– Lina L, Sweden
This program taught me so much, and my puppy is doing great because of what I learned from the lessons and Facebook group! Thank you for all the individual assistance I received!
– Laurie K, USA
Thank you so much — this experience gave me so much confidence in my training abilities, and knowledge that any challenge we have with our puppy is solvable
– Gayathri S, USA

Our mission is to give a happy life to dogs by helping people become amazing dog owners.