Learn the training method your dog already knows

At OneMind Dogs, we’re fanatical about understanding dog behavior. Over the last decade, we’ve been learning from the best teachers (dogs, of course) and developing a training method that helps all dog owners like you to train and to be active with your best friend.

OneMind Dogs is a training method all dogs
around the world naturally understand

With our training method you’ll learn how to teach your dog new skills in a way that naturally makes sense to them. The more natural something is for a dog, the less repetitions it will take for them to learn it. The less repetitions we need to do, the faster we can have the dog and owner progress in their training, and the easier it will be for the dog – both physically and mentally.

How does our training work?

Online learning platform

100 % online - learn anywhere, anytime. We are passionate about teaching and helping you to succeed with your dog. Whether you start with your puppy, or start learning agility with a more advanced dog, you’ll get high quality training videos, step-by-step instructions, tips to solve problems and online support from our coaches.

Learn the way that is natural to your dog

Our human words are least important from a dog's point of view. When you learn OneMind Dogs, you’ll see how simple and fun learning the rules of the human world is for your dog.

Full online support from our coaches

A team of OneMind Dogs experts at your fingertips. For those moments things don’t go as planned, our support team has you covered. Start a chat or send us a video and we’ll help you out!

It feels like magic!

We don’t like to brag, but this is what our customers often say. We've been perfecting the OneMind Dogs Method for more than 17 years and we can’t wait to help you get oneminded with your dog!

Our story

Our journey began in 2003 with one exceptional dog, Tekla, who became deaf and taught us the language of dogs. Now, more than 50 000 dogs, 100 000 owners, 168 different breeds and over 100 professional coaches have already used OneMind Dogs. We all share the passion for dogs and their wellbeing.

Start the fun with your dog today!

High-quality content based on a unique training method

I am a new dog parent

Teach all the basic skills your new puppy needs to survive in the human world. Suitable also for younger dogs or rescue dogs who need to improve or repeat some of the basic skills.

  • Detailed step-by-step video lessons
  • 100+ online lessons
  • Troubleshooting
  • Chat with professional trainers
  • Suitable for all breeds
Download the app to start your free trial

Try for free for 7 days. After that just 9,90 € a month.

My dog and I are aiming to our next level in agility

Learn to understand agility from your dog’s point of view and become the best possible teammate for your dog.

With Agility Premium you’ll get:

  • Structured and easy-to-follow training themes for all levels
  • More than 600 lessons and exercises with more coming up
  • Personal support and feedback by professional agility trainers
  • International community of other agility enthusiasts
  • Exclusive perks for members
Subscribe to Agility Premium

Agility Premium starts at €29.90 a month,
which is approximately $35.12 a month.
You are billed in euros, but you can pay with USD.

My dog and I want to have fun and learn the basics of agility

OneMind Dogs Foundation for Agility is like an amusement park for your dog! Suitable for puppies, young dogs and beginner teams.

With Foundation for agility you will learn the first steps of agility without any obstacles, by simply having fun with your dog!

  • Step-by-step, guided course structure
  • No equipment needed to begin
  • 60+ bite sized lessons
  • New lessons added monthly
  • Personal support and feedback by professional agility trainers
  • Suitable for all dogs, breeds and levels
Subscribe to Agility Foundation

Agility Foundation is €9,90 a month,
which is approximately $11.70 a month.
You are billed in euros, but you can pay with USD. 


"OneMind Dogs training has given me such a special way to communicate with my dogs. The online training is easy to follow and the service and feedback is incredible!"
– Leah Tedman
"OneMind Dogs has been super helpful for me, I have no agility experience and the thoughtful methodical instruction has been exactly what we needed!"
– Diana Miller
"Love the methodology and how the dogs read it so naturally!"
– Leslie Dawson-North

Our mission is to give a happy life to dogs by helping people become amazing dog owners.