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 We believe in working with breeders, owners and dogs to create the kind of connection that lasts a lifetime 

The OneMind Dogs mission

We believe in working with breeders, owners and dogs to create the kind of connection that lasts a lifetime. From experienced trainers to first time dog owners, we give you an insight into your canine companions, helping you see life through their eyes.  

Intuitive learning that dogs responds to 

Through our dog–first approach, we help owners give their puppies the best possible start to life. We’ve developed our method through decades of experience and working with every type of dog. Intuitive learning means less frustration and more time building a magical relationship between owner and puppy. Add OneMind Dogs puppy training to your puppy packs and give ever puppy in your litter the best possible start!

Why should I participate?

Every puppy deserves the best possible start to their lives. Not all owners have the know-how and skills to train their puppy from scratch: socialization, housetraining, basic obedience might all seem like too big of a task to take on. Breeders might not have the time to help out all the time.

We offer step-by-step professional training videos to help owners learn from anywhere, anytime! These high-quality videos teach the right techniques to aid the dog’s development. From life skills to fun brain games, these lessons are all your owners need to create the perfect environment for their puppy to thrive.

Our method uses solely positive reinforcement and works with each dog’s natural instinct and behavior. Developed by the pros and used by tens of thousands of owners, the OneMind Dogs method helps at every level. The best part: these techniques work across the board. Whether new owners are helping their puppy settle into a their home or experienced handlers are planning to compete on a world championship agility course, we equip puppy owners for success.  

The goal of this cooperation is to develop a service and concept that suits all breeders and puppy owners. 

How can I participate?

We’re so excited to work with you! Please fill your information into the form below. We will read each application individually, contact you if we need more details and then send you an invoice for the subscription packages that you can add to your puppy packs. 

What should I tell my puppy buyers?

Puppies start forming relationships from the moment they’re born. From littermates to breeders to owners, these relationships shape their worldview in important ways. Onemind Dogs provides puppy training as a service to give puppies the early experiences that lead to a lifetime of healthy behavior and fun. The better these early experiences, the better quality of life. The OneMind Dogs method covers everything owners need to know. From socialization and housetraining to basic obedience and learning to play, you’ll learn every skill you’ll need to set your puppies on the right track! And if you run into trouble, OneMind Dogs expert coaches are always available to help with troubleshooting! Get professional support every step of the way, right in your pocket.

When your puppies leave your house, it’s always a bittersweet moment. All breeders would love to ensure that their puppies get the best possible forever home, where humans and dogs live happily ever after.

However, it can be challenging to ensure that puppies are being raised properly to prepare them for their life in their new homes.

That’s why OneMind Dogs wants to offer dog breeders a tool to help new puppy owners understand the dog’s point of view and teach their puppies the secrets and rules of the human world.

Training your puppy strengthens the puppy’s bond with its owner and helps build mutual trust. Skills that dogs learn during their puppyhood stay with them throughout their lives, and help prevent unwanted behaviors.

OneMind Dogs has trained tens of thousands of dog owners globally, to help them better understand their dog’s point of view. When training is done in a way that is natural for the dogs, it’s much more effective and fun! Our puppy training program is suitable for all dog breeds and owners, no matter how much or little they knew about dog training previously.

Simple, step-by-step puppy training by OneMind Dogs

Everything you need to know

Our easy-to-follow online training course uses a proven training method. Over 100 lessons with videos, tips, troubleshooting and more!

Less than 10 minutes a day

100+ fun, bite-sized lessons help you and your puppy progress in just a few minutes a day.

A team of puppy experts

If you struggle with anything – don’t worry! Our puppy experts have you covered with personal support in 3 time zones.

We highly recommend OneMind Dogs puppy training for all puppy owners. The program is clear and easy to follow. It really suits everyone who is getting a new puppy - be it a more experienced puppy owner or your first puppy!

Terhi-Marie and Petteri Väinänen, Breeder from Kennel Lahjakas

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