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There is brand-new OneMind Dogs agility content waiting for you!

Learn distance handling

Being able to handle your dog from a distance is a handy skill for agility handlers of all ages and athletic abilities — and this new course by Leading Coach Janita Leinonen is the perfect way to learn!

Get your agility back on track!

  • More than 600 lessons and exercises with more coming up
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  • Structured and easy-to-follow training themes for all levels
  • 1-1 support and feedback by professional agility trainers
  • International community of other agility enthusiasts
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Why OneMind Dogs Premium?

With a Premium subscription, you have access to a whole world of exclusive and high-quality agility training content. You can train at your own pace and schedule with a training method that has been developed and proven by international champions. Whenever you feel stuck, our team of professional agility trainers is ready to help you - by chat, email or phone. No matter your training level - don’t miss out on exciting new exercises!

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