Guided Course

10 Handling techniques on one jump – Part 3

Guided Course – 10 Handling techniques on one jump – Part 3

* This course is currently closed. Next open date TBA*

OneMind Dogs Instructor Stephanie Williams will take you through 10 different OneMind Dogs handling techniques from the foundations to performing the technique on one jump.

After this course, you’ll be able to start trying these techniques in small sequences, ready to implement them into coursework in the future. We’ll learn a new technique every week, and the sessions with your dog will be fun and fast! This course follows on from Stephanie’s last guided course which you can find here: 10 handling techniques on one jump – Part 2.


How does it work?

Stephanie will post weekly sessions in the forum, giving you a quick video introduction to each technique, explaining why and where the technique is useful and giving any tips she may have from her experience of teaching these techniques to hundreds of different dogs and handlers. Even if you are able to handle the technique already, you can still learn a lot from this course.

All you’ll need is just one jump! In most of our techniques it will be you – the handler – who needs the most practice, you can even use a broomstick or similar as a bar on the ground to practice the use of your handling elements and your footwork before you bring your dog into the training.

The power of this course is in the community and many people around the world doing the exercises at the same time! Stephanie will give you some tips videos, guidelines and regular tasks to follow.

You can ask questions and post videos to receive feedback and advice from other OneMind Dogs community members, and Stephanie will also pop-in regularly to tackle some of the most common issues with you and give feedback as needed.

What will you learn?

This course involves working through current OneMind Dogs premium content alongside some extra tips videos from Stephanie, to cover all aspects of the 10 handling techniques that we will discuss. You will learn how to use each of your 7 handling elements to create clear and easy to follow instructions for your dog. You will also have some great new options to add to your handling toolbox!

This guided course is currently closed for feedback, to see which guided courses are open, please visit this page.

Not a premium member yet?

To allow you to join this exciting course, we’ve created a free 30-day trial option for agility PREMIUM. You can get started by clicking the button below. Don’t forget to come back and sign up for the Guided Course afterwards!

Why choose OneMind Dogs?

  • OneMind Dogs Coaches have extensive experience and knowledge in course analysis.
  • Agility will be a lot easier for your team if your handling is clear and confident.
  • You will learn to understand your dog's perspective and handle agility the way your dog naturally understands it.
  • You will get access to 400+ agility lessons as well as the Agility for Puppies and Beginner Dogs online program!

I’m already a Premium member. What do I do?

This guided course is currently closed for feedback, to see which guided courses are open, please visit this page.

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"I love the philosophy of connection with our dogs. Thinking of handling and the course from the dog's perspective changes the whole game!"

Beth Hostetter, USA

I love OneMind Dogs! It changed my whole perspective. Now I understand more that I need to learn things that my dog already knows

Deise De Oliveira, Brazil
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