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Large Dogs’ World Championship Final Wasn’t Impossible

The large dogs’ courses at the FCI Agility World Championships 2016 caused a bit of a stir amongst the agility fans. Especially the large dogs’ individual agility final course was heavily criticized online and by the live audience. Only twelve dogs out of 145 were able to get a clean run.

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OneMind Dogs Coaches Win Silver at World Championships!

Team Finland won its first ever large team medal at the FCI Agility World Championships in Zaragoza, Spain this weekend. Congratulations to Leading OneMind Dogs Coaches Janita Leinonen, Tuulia Liuhto and Jaakko Suoknuuti as well as their teammate Santtu Stenberg!

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OneMind Dogs - A Language as Unique as Your Dog - Part 1

OneMind Dogs Coaches and pack members situated all over the world, compete and train with a wide variety of dogs, from the smallest Chihuahua, to the largest German Shepherd and everything in between! We spoke to some of our OMD Coaches to ask them for their opinions on the differences between training different breeds of dogs.

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Strength Training for Agility Competitors

Frankie & Simon Moore love fitness and agility. They shared with us their Top 5 Strength Routine - created especially for agility competitors, giving you the edge for your agility runs!

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Coach’s Pick - Jessica Ajoux

In Coach’s Pick, we asked some OMD Coaches to tell us which handling technique is their favourite and why and also to give you some tips on applying the technique on course. Read our quick interview with OMD Coach Jessica Ajoux to see why she loves the Reverse Wrap!

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