Why Online Training Works So Well With Puppies

November 20, 2019

Puppies grow up very fast. Behaviors that are cute for a small puppy can become dangerous when your puppy gets bigger. It can take a lot of effort to fix any unwanted behaviors later, so the best time to start training your puppy is from the day you bring him home.


The more traditional way of training your puppy is to take him to a puppy training class with other puppies. This can be a lot of fun and also great for socializing your puppy. However, time is often tight in everyday life, and finding that hour or two to travel to a puppy class can sometimes be challenging to fit to a weekly schedule.

Another, very convenient approach is to sign up with an online puppy training class. Online training can be super fun and effective. You can train with your puppy from the comfort of your own home, just a couple of minutes a day and whenever it suits you best. 

Here are some of the main benefits of training your puppy with a fun and easy to follow online course.

Easier to keep your puppy focused

Like children, puppies can only focus for short periods of time. They get tired fast and are easily distracted. Online puppy training works great in order to make it as easy as possible for your puppy to learn new things. 

You can start teaching the new thing in a place where it’s easy for your puppy to focus: a familiar place at home with as little going on around the two of you as possible. Once your puppy understands what you want him to do, you can take your training outdoors and to places with more distractions.

To achieve great results, it’s also better to do short exercises a few times a day than train for one hour for a week. You can build on the skills the puppy has already learned, and make progress in each training session.

You catch the puppy in the right state of mind for learning

To make the most of the training, your puppy should be in an active state, just gone to potty and maybe a bit hungry so he can be easily motivated with treats. The easiest way to capture the correct moment is usually at home.

Train from anywhere, at any time

Imagine it’s raining and you’ve just come home after a busy day at work. You don’t have to go anywhere to train your puppy, you can do it easily in your own living room between watching your favorite TV-shows!

Access the learning material anytime

You can watch your online training videos as many times as you need to.  If there are any areas that are more challenging to your puppy, you can contact the coaches via a live chat or revisit the teaching material at any time. You don’t need to remember everything at once.

With online training you can also make training with your puppy a part of your everyday life and create a fun habit of training around your daily routines!

Online Puppy Training by OneMind Dogs

To give the best possible start for your new best friend, check out OneMind Dogs puppy training. Learn how to potty train your puppy and how to get a puppy to stop biting in more than 100+ lessons. It’s a fun way to connect with your puppy on a completely new level and teach him the skills she needs to have a happy life in the human world!

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