Lynn Madden’s OneMind Dogs Journey

April 01, 2020

Lynn Madden from Parkes, Australia took her first agility class about six years ago with her dog Cooper and immediately loved it.

About six months later, after taking some more classes, Lynn thought it would be great to compete too. Living in a small town, four and a half hours away from Sydney, she didn’t have experienced agility coaches available in her area. But she knew some more advanced training was needed if she wanted to compete.

Finding OneMind Dogs

Lynn decided to do a trip to Sydney to check out the agility scene over there. This is where she first experienced OneMind Dogs in action when she saw OneMind Dogs Coach Niki Drage running her dog Flow. Lynn was blown away by the magical connection between Niki and her dog and knew that this is what she wanted to have too.

She had a chat with Niki on the day and as a result, just a couple of months later, Niki was teaching a seminar in Lynn’s home town. The seminar by Niki was a game changer for Lynn and after that she was completely hooked on OneMind Dogs method and agility in general.

From Learning Online to Results

After her introduction to OneMind Dogs, Lynn decided to sign up with the OneMind Dogs Premium Membership. Being over four hours away from her nearest OneMind Dogs Coach, learning online was the perfect option for her. She worked her way through the OneMind Dogs online content, and was excited being able to learn the techniques by watching the videos and practicing at home on her own.

“The OneMind Dogs website is the most amazing resource you could ever imagine. The number of videos on there and just how detailed they are really allows you to learn agility and learn the techniques without ever having to be near a trainer.”

Lynn started seeing a big difference in her dogs. She realised she was finally “speaking the same language” with them and they no longer had to question what was happening on the agility course. She now had the same amazing connection with her dogs that she had first experienced with Niki and Flow. And it obviously started showing in her results too.

Taking it to the Next Level 

Later on, Niki ended up moving closer to Lynn’s area which meant Lynn was now able to combine her online learning with occasional classes with Niki and really drill in her techniques.

Around the same time, Niki also encouraged Lynn to join the OneMind Dogs Instructor Training program. Lynn applied, and was over the moon after being accepted. She would soon be teaching OneMind Dogs method herself!

All the Way to Finland to Learn More

Over the last couple of years Lynn has done two trips across the world to attend her Instructor Training events in Finland. These trips were unforgettable for her. She came away with a group of friends from all over the world and a confidence instilled in her by the leading Finnish OneMind Dogs coaches and their teachings. 

She is now certified to teach OneMind Dogs Handling Techniques 1 & 2 herself and gets to share the magic with her own students. Her goal is to become a OneMind Dogs Coach one day – and with her level of dedication we’re sure she’ll make it happen!

The Feeling of Community is the Best Part

The magical connection aside, the thing about OneMind Dogs Lynn loves the most is the strong feeling of community and sharing the same values and passion when it comes to learning and teaching agility.

“I have so many friends now from all over the place some that I’ve met in person and some that I’ve never met and it’s just such a great feeling of community where everyone shares the same values , and really has the passion for teaching agility and for doing agility”

You can listen to Lynn’s story in more detail in the below video.

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