How to train a new agility handling technique?

OneMind Dogs Team
November 14, 2019

There are a few steps to learn and perfect a new agility handling technique. The great thing is that you can start learning new techniques right at this moment! The first step to learning is to watch our recently updated Handling Techniques online program.

These are the steps you need to take to learn a new agility handling technique:

  • Watch and get acquainted with the handling technique lessons
  • Practice the technique by yourself, without your dog
  • Train the handling technique together with your dog
  • Put the technique in a sequence!

Let OneMind Dogs Coach Niki Drage show you how it’s done!

OneMind Dogs’ handling technique videos will help you in every step, so go back to them even during practice for detailed advice! You can learn, train and perfect your technique skills all within the one online course.

Our agility handling technique online courses give you an overview of each handling technique. They start from the very basics and go to the point where you get to apply the technique in a short sequence.

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Trust and Training: The Core of Dog Agility Success

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