Language and location are no barrier to Heidi’s training

OneMind Dogs Team
September 23, 2020
heidi and shelties

No matter your location, language, age or experience — OneMind Dogs is for everyone.

We’re so proud to have community members from all corners of the world, and today we’re sharing a special story from OneMind Dogs premium member and agility enthusiast, Heidi. 

Heidi reached out to share her experience with OneMind Dogs’ online learning platform. In particular, she feels that our Guided courses offer great added value to her training — which we’re over the moon about!  

“My name is Heidi, I’m 61 years old and I come from Germany. I have 2 Shetland Sheepdogs — 5 year old Hadia and 7 month old Naama.”

Heidi has had a premium subscription with OneMind Dogs since 2016. 

“I initially joined because I was interested in agility and the 7 Handling Elements. When Naama joined the family, I wanted to use the OneMind Dogs method from the start and I joined the Puppy Training program.

Guided courses were a hit for Naama 

Naama was having so much fun with the training that I wanted to continue training with guidance from a OneMind Dogs Coach.

At the same time, Niki Drage offered the Guided course on Handling Techniques on one jump. Which is even free of charge for premium members! Great added value for the premium subscription.

Naama was very young at the time, at only 4 months of age, and I don’t have access to a lot of equipment, so this course was perfect for us. We did the teaching steps of the techniques with only jump wings and no bar. We regularly got a new exercise to work on and could train at our own pace.

I was able to post videos of the training units and always got very detailed, helpful feedback with tips on what could still be improved. I don’t speak English very well but that wasn’t a problem, and there are always translation programs available if needed. 

At the end of the course, when Naama was 7 months, we could even run a small sequence. We had so much fun training and already registered for the second part of the guided course with OneMind Dogs instructor Stephanie Williams.”

Thank you to Heidi for sharing her story with us — we can’t wait to watch Naama continue to enjoy her agility training with us!

Have you joined a OneMind Dogs guided course before? There are two happening right now — Foundation for Agility, and 10 Handling Techniques on One Jump Part 2.

They’re included in our Premium membership — check out your subscription options below:

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