Happy “Train Your Dog Month”!

OneMind Dogs Team
January 23, 2020

Did you know that January is the official “Train Your Dog Month”? This was initially started by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers back in 2010, hoping to raise awareness and promote the importance of proper training and healthy socialization to a dog’s well-being.

Why January, you might think? This is because many puppies are adopted around the holidays, and way too many of them are then abandoned or given to shelters soon after. The main reason behind dog abandonment is of course lack of training. People might have the best intentions when taking a dog, but later on, they end up giving the pup away due to not being able to cope with its behavioral issues.

No Dog is a Bad Dog

Whatever the issues are, no dog is a bad dog, and proper training is the key to a happy coexistence between dogs and their people. Training your pup from day one is the most important thing that you can do to your pup’s wellbeing and to ensure you have a happy life together.

This is why we at OneMind Dogs think that EVERY month should be a Dog Training month! To celebrate this, we have decided to switch our Puppy Training Program into a monthly subscription-based plan!

You can now subscribe to our Puppy Training program at only $29 a month and enjoy a puppy training month every month! Whilst our puppy training program is designed for puppies, also grown up dogs will greatly benefit from it and the program has plenty of fun activities that you can enjoy with your pup of any age or breed!

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