Discrimination Handling Challenge

March 25, 2020

OneMind Dogs Coach Niki Dragerecently challenged you to test your dog’s ability to discriminate between two different obstacles using a verbal. In the next challenge Niki will have you use your body language and handle around some “trapstacles” on a small set up of three jumps and a tunnel.

Niki has provided an intermediate level and an advanced level challenge for you to try in a small space. If needed you can give yourself more or less space between obstacles to make the challenge suitable for your level and your training space.

Intermediate Challenge:

In metres:

discriminstion challenge int M

In feet:

discriminstion challenge int F

Niki handled this challenge starting with the dog on her right, Tunnel Brake on #3, Front Cross on #5 once the dog was committed to the correct side and ensuring she stayed connected from the tunnel to the last jump to help her dog see the correct line. You can see Niki’s attempt at this course in the video below.

Advanced Challenge:

In metres:

discrimination challenge ADV M

In feet:

discriminstion challenge ADV F

The advanced challenge has many different handling options!

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4 with Shae

Niki shows you a few of them in the demonstration video below. At the end of the video she’ll also show that if you need distance handling you could use a Backlap on #4 and send out to #5. In that case you could stay behind #4 and do a Forced Front Cross to Jaakko turn on #6 to handle the dog back into the tunnel for example.

As you can see, the combinations of handling options are almost endless! Time some options and see what lines and techniques suit your team the best.

Again, we would love to see the results if you decide to video the training! 

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