Course analysis of the UKI US Open National Championship Final by the winner Anna Eifert

OneMind Dogs Team
November 28, 2019

Hungarian OneMind Dogs Coach Anna Eifert traveled to the USA with her Border Collie Nebraska to compete at USDAA Cynosports and the UKI US Open. Anna had a very successful trip with wins across both events!

The US Open, held in Jacksonville, Florida, on November 5th-8th, 2019, was particularly exciting!

Anna was the winner of the 22″ Challenger round at the US Open, placing first out of 35 dogs. Winning this class allowed her the chance to compete in the UKI National Championship Finals, which she also went on to win!! Anna has analyzed her run in the Final round for us. Her video analysis gives us a more in-depth insight into her handling plan and execution.

Anna shares how she approaches the course walk and the critical points she considered when planning her handling. She goes through her use of keywords to focus on the most essential aspects of the course and how her handling elements affected the run.

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The Final round course was designed and judged by UKI judge Jorge Pires. You can find the course map below:


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