Why your adult dog will benefit from online Puppy Training by OneMind Dogs

December 13, 2022

Let’s face it, no dog has 100% perfect behavior. Maybe you are one of the few who has a beautifully trained, obedient and biddable dog. But chances are, there’s something you wish you could improve. OneMind Dogs has developed an online Puppy Training program about understanding your dog’s perspective and building a magical connection together. The kind of connection where you and your dog feel like two souls with one, shared mind. Even if your dog is no longer a puppy, here is what you will help them learn, through gentle and positive methods created by dogs themselves…

Coming when called, every single time

Our step-by-step lessons will teach your dog to LOVE their collar and/or harness and to come running excitedly any time you grab the leash or call their name. Your dog will learn the value of their name and why they should come every single time you call them.

No more chasing them around the park trying to catch them, or luring them over with a toy or treat only to pounce on their collar so they don’t escape again. Make recalls fun and easy with our gradual and simple methods. 10 minutes a day, incorporated into your normal routine is plenty to make this training work!

Get some more tips for coming when called!

Focusing on you, even with other dogs around

Are your dog’s ears painted on when there are other dogs around (or livestock, wildlife or fun kids with a ball maybe?), don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Our puppy program will show you how to become the focus of your dog’s attention. By understanding your dog’s perspective and what they find most valuable, you’ll quickly become the most important thing in your dog’s life, making training SO much easier!

Did you know that this is actually the key to socializing your dog effectively? When the outside world becomes background noise and your dog’s sole attention is on YOU, the two of you can achieve anything!

Being home alone, with no separation anxiety

Teaching your dog to be happy and comfortable being left alone at home is a life-changer for both you and the dog. When dogs have separation anxiety, leaving for work or other outings becomes stressful for both parties.

Our step-by-step lessons will show you how to give your dog a happy and safe place where they will love to hang out, and how to utilize that for many occasions such as calming down when visitors arrive, being left alone when you go out and much more!

When our dog has a safe space to call their own, everyone is happier!

dogs looking out window

Socializing safely

Our program will teach you how to introduce your dog to other people, dogs, noises and everyday things without becoming overly excited, fearful or aggressive.

The key to socializing is to show your dog what things he should ignore, and what he should pay attention to (hint, that’s YOU)! Our socialization checklist will help you cover all the bases for a happy dog that you can take anywhere!

Happily being handled by people, including the groomer and vet

Basic dog health and well-being rely on you and others being able to handle your dog safely. Our puppy training program achieves this with simple lessons in just 10 minutes a day, your dog will learn to happily let anyone clip their nails, groom their fur, check their teeth and more!

When you understand your dog’s perspective in these situations, it becomes easy to see how you can help them to feel comfortable and safe. Read more about why you need to train your dog for vet visits!

Only chewing on appropriate things and sharing safely

Guarding of food and other resources is a common complaint with new or young dogs, especially for people with young families. Learn what you can do to help your dog feel comfortable around food and their favorite things so they don’t feel the need to guard them from you or others.

Chewing and biting inappropriate things (like your hands), is another thing we address during the simple, dog-first online training in our puppy program. By focusing on mental stimulation and teaching your dog what they CAN do rather than correcting them for things they shouldn’t do (which we already know doesn’t work, and just ruins your relationship and trust with your dog), they will soon stop destroying all the things that are precious to you!

Walking nicely on the leash, without pulling

If your current walks leave something to be desired, or you’re just tired of being dragged around the block the whole time, we have the solution! Our gentle, 100% positive leash training steps will have you and your dog enjoying walks together before you know it!

Like all of our puppy training, learning to walk on a leash requires simple steps that you can incorporate into your everyday life with your dog and gradually, you will build a stronger bond together and training will become easy as you learn to see things from the dog’s perspective.

Download our eBook below to learn more about OneMind Dogs and how we can help you!

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