4 Reasons to Start Training as Soon as You Bring Your Puppy Home

OneMind Dogs Team
March 22, 2019

Puppies are probably the cutest thing in the world and their hilarious antics can fill your heart with joy. You want what’s best for your puppy. And if you want to set him up for success in life as a well-adjusted family member and good canine citizen, the number one gift you can give him is to start training him the moment you bring him home. 

Why start so soon? Here are four great reasons why you should start training your puppy the minute you bring him home.

1. Because it’s the best time in a dog’s life to learn things

Puppyhood is the most important time in a dog’s life. Dogs actually learn more in the first 16 weeks of their lives than at any other point thereafter. If things go on the wrong track during puppyhood, it can take a lot of time and effort to fix unwanted behaviors later. Puppies grow up fast, and having a misbehaving dog can be embarrassing and isolating. If, however, you start training and socializing your puppy in the correct way at the right time, you’ll have a wonderful, well-behaving companion for life! 

2. Because puppies learn best through play

It’s important to keep in mind that training does not mean that you have to submit your puppy to military discipline – quite the contrary! Training is all about play and having fun together. And it’s so much fun to play with a puppy! It’s hard not to smile when he does something funny, or when he tries super hard to figure out what you want him to do. Puppies love playing and they are easily motivated. They eat often, so you’ll have several opportunities to train at feeding times.

3. Because your puppy is a blank canvas

Young puppies have not yet learned any bad behaviors. They are like a blank canvas where you can start painting the kind of picture you want. All things puppies get used to when they are young, they learn to see as “normal”. That’s why it’s a great idea to introduce your puppy to as many different things during that sensitive time as possible. This includes sounds, people, new places, different surfaces, other animals… everything that you might expect your dog to have to face later in life.

4. Because your puppy will love it (and you will, too!)

The great news is that everything puppies learn when they are young, they learn to love later! When you introduce the joy of learning to your puppy early on, it’ll be a breeze to teach him other things later. It’s so easy to be genuinely happy and proud when your puppy learns something new! Your praises will come from your heart, and your positive attitude will make your puppy learn fast.

If you’re anything like most new puppy owners, you’ll probably have little to no previous experience with dog training. It might be difficult to know where to start, or how to fit a puppy class in a busy schedule. That’s why we have created OneMind Dogs Puppy Training – a fun and easy way to train your puppy when it fits your schedule.

OneMind Dogs Puppy Training for all puppies!

With OneMind Dogs you will train your puppy by understanding your dog’s point of view. Instead of forcing human interactions on a dog, you will learn to create a mutual understanding with your puppy: a bond so strong it feels like you have one mind.

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