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OneMind Dogs Valentine’s Day SALE 

Buy the Agility Premium Yearly subscription + Get 4 months FREE!

Training with a buddy is even more fun than training alone!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this February, we’ll give you a free 4-month Agility Premium Gift Card when you buy an Agility Premium Yearly subscription!

You can give the Gift Card to a friend, or you can use it for yourself and get 33% off your next yearly renewal! That’s the same as getting 4 months free when your subscription renews in February 2025. 

This offer is only valid until the end of February — so jump on it now!

As a Premium member you will learn…

The importance of understanding the dog's perspective in Agility
To be the best possible teammate for your dog
30 different handling techniques to fill your toolbox and tackle any course!
Obstacle training, distance, foundations, sequencing, running contacts and MUCH more
To reach your next level with support and personal feedback from our coaching team

We teach a revolutionary method that transformed our perspective to align with our dogs’

Everything we teach is about understanding dog agility (and the world in general) from the dog’s point of view and having fun together. Our method is developed by dogs – for dogs. What’s the result? A feeling of connection that is like one mind with two souls. And you can achieve it too.

Read the story of Tekla: “The deaf dog taugh us how to listen” >

OneMind Dogs is for all kind of dogs and handlers

Join thousands of agility handlers that are striving to be amazing teammates, from beginners to top level!

Our mission is to give a happy life to dogs by helping people become amazing dog owners.