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Mastering Modern Agility Courses – Analysis and Strategy

Get ready to see dog agility courses from a whole new perspective!

We’re so excited to have you join our webinar “Mastering  Modern Agility Courses  – Analysis and Strategy”. This is the first of our new premium webinars, exclusively designed for our premium members! 

In this webinar, OneMind Dogs Instructor Stephanie will take you through how to analyse modern agility courses from your dog’s perspective. And what kind of strategies to consider when choosing and planning your handling.

Some of the things you’ll learn about:

  • Reality lines
  • Lead legs
  • Running and critical points
  • Handling around trap obstacles
  • Choosing between handling options
  • Personalizing options for the team’s speed and skills
Stephanie will refer you to premium content on the OneMind Dogs learning platform for further study if you’d like more information on a specific topic.

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We teach a revolutionary method that transformed our perspective to align with our dogs’

Everything we teach is about understanding dog agility (and the world in general) from the dog’s point of view and having fun together. Our method is developed by dogs – for dogs. What’s the result? A feeling of connection that is like two souls with one mind. And you can achieve it too.

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