Running Contacts with Anna Eifert - Part 2

Work up to a full size dog walk and A-frame. Proof different sequencing, handling and discrimination options!

 Running Contacts with Anna Eifert – Part 2

OneMind Dogs Coach Anna Eifert is teaching the next instalment of her popular running contacts online class on the OneMind Dogs website!

Work at your own pace and progress to a full size dogwalk, running A-frame and sequencing and handling before and after the contacts over 4 months of interactive and super fun training.

What’s special about Anna’s style of teaching running contacts is that you don’t need to teach any special verbal cues: your dog will learn the criteria and follow your body language (mainly motion, position, and chest laser).

You can avoid unnecessary repetitions because you don’t need to teach anything unnatural to your dog. Anna will have you work on turns and straight exits from the very beginning — and you’ll learn to handle lines, not obstacles.


How does it work?

Starting on December 5th, 2021, the online course will run on a closed section of the OneMind Dogs Forum. This section is visible only for people with a working spot on the course, and for OneMind Dogs premium members who can audit the course.

Anna will post a new lesson with videos, notes, diagrams and more, every two weeks. The course consists of a total of 8 lessons.

You’ll get your own personal Forum thread, where you’ll post all your exercise videos along with your questions or comments for Anna. Then, Anna watches your video and analyzes your performance and gives you feedback.

There are 20 working spots available for this course. There will be unlimited auditing for OneMind Dogs premium members. Working spots will first be advertised to those who registered their interest below.


What will I learn?

Part 2 of Anna’s course follows on from Anna’s first running contacts course, which can still be audited in the forum by premium members. If you didn’t take the first course but your dog already has an understanding of the target on a low dogwalk, then you could also have a working spot in this course.

This follow-on course will include teaching a running A-frame, working up to the full height dog walk including tolerating handler motion, turning away from the handler, discriminations after the dog walk, handling techniques after the dogwalk, different obstacles before and after the dog walk and a bonus exercise of 25 different dog walk exits and how to handle them!

How to get involved?

Purchase a working spot using the button below! If you are only wanting to audit the course, you can do so for free as a premium member. 

 Not a premium member yet?

If you’re interested in auditing this course or Anna’s first course, it’s as simple as joining as a OneMind Dogs Premium member.

Check out our membership options below!

Why choose OneMind Dogs?

  • OneMind Dogs Coaches have extensive experience and knowledge in handling techniques and course analysis.
  • Agility will be a lot easier for your team if your handling is clear and confident.
  • You'll learn to understand your dog's perspective and handle agility the way your dog naturally understands it.
  • You'll get access to 400+ agility lessons as well as our Foundation for Agility online program!

What Anna's students have to say

Anna has a wonderful way of knowing exactly what each dog and handler need to become more successful.

Ivette White, USA

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