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30-day Agility Training Challenge

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Get inspired with agility training ideas, videos, challenges and more!

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Join our 30-day challenge and we’ll send fun agility lessons, challenges and training tips to your inbox every few days. These challenges will help you build a great connection with your dog while gaining strong agility skills, increasing confidence and experiencing all aspects of the OneMind Dogs premium community.    

The topics we’ll be covering in the next 30 days include seeing agility from your dog’s perspective, Agility Foundations, handling techniques, obstacle training, distance handling, guided courses, collection / tight turns, mental training, making handling plans, analysing courses and much more!

    We’ll give you an introduction to those topics and how we teach them, so even if you’re not ready to do some of the things with your dog yet, it will allow you to add them to your training plan! You will need premium access to our learning platform to complete some of the challenges, sign up for our 30-day free trial if you’re not already a member, and come join the fun! 

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    About OneMind Dogs

    The OneMind Dogs method is all about the dog’s point of view. Everything we teach in Agility is about seeing the world from your dog’s perspective, and having fun together. 100,000 happy dogs with 50,000 happy owners have used the OneMind Dogs method, and to put it simply: it just works.

    Our mission is to give a happy life to dogs by helping people become amazing dog owners.