3 steps to success in dog agility - Building your agility toolbox!


A webinar for people who want to start agility in the best possible way

 We are so excited to have you join our webinar “3 Steps to success in dog agility - Building your agility toolbox”. One of the most common questions we get is, “I’m new to agility; how do I get started?”    

All of us have been at this stage at one time or another, and we want to make it easier for you to be successful right from the start. If you are interested in learning more about what we have in our agility toolboxes, then this is the webinar for you! 

 In this webinar, we will look into the tools your team needs to have a great time together while tackling agility courses successfully. We will discuss Foundation skills, the Three Cs, and the wide world of agility handling techniques.  

After the webinar, we will send you a series of emails that deep-dive into each of the topics we discussed during the webinar, so please make sure to tick the "allow communications" box in the registration form if you wish to receive those.


About OneMind Dogs

The OneMind Dogs method is all about the dog’s point of view. Everything we teach in Agility is about seeing the world from your dog’s perspective, and having fun together. 100,000 happy dogs with 50,000 happy owners have used the OneMind Dogs method, and to put it simply: it just works.

Our mission is to give a happy life to dogs by helping people become amazing dog owners.