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Guided Course

10  OneMind Dogs Handling Techniques on 1 jump – Part 1

Get ready to add some fun new techniques to your toolbox!

This online agility Guided Course involves learning 10 OneMind Dogs handling techniques in detail, to expand your agility toolbox. During the course, you will also learn more about how your body language affects your dog and how and why to use it to cue specific lines for your dog.

OneMind Dogs Instructor Stephanie Williams will guide you through the techniques on just one jump. She will give you personalised feedback on your training videos and recommend homework to continue your learning journey. Stephanie will have suggestions for you no matter what level you and your dog are training at, or how much space of equipment you have available. After this guided course, you’ll understand agility from your dog’s point of view and have a toolbox filled with great new handling tools!

“10 Handling Techniques on 1 jump” is suitable for all dogs and handlers.

Click the video below to find out more about what you will learn:

How do Guided Courses work?

During a Guided Course, you will be taken through exercises from the OneMind Dogs online learning platform in a structured way, with detailed tips and video demonstrations from your coach.

Participants can choose to film their training sessions, and then submit the videos for feedback. You can also view the videos and feedback from the other participants to boost your learning experience — like attending a seminar or group lesson!

Video Feedback for this course will be available from the 1st of May 2024 to the end of July 2024.

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10 OneMind Dogs Handling Techniques on one jump

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