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Aiming For Independent Weaves

In OneMind Dogs obstacle training, our goal is to teach the dogs to clear the obstacles regardless of the handler's movement or position. Weaving poles are one of the obstacles where an independent obstacle performance helps a lot: the handler can move to a better position for handling the next sequence while the dog is weaving.

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Connection, Happy Faces & Team Spirit

OMD CAMP 2015 brought together agility handlers and their dogs from all over the United States and Canada. The atmosphere and team spirit during the 4-day long event at McCannDogs was simply amazing: people were supporting each other, cheering and giving high fives. Take a look at some highlights and read what the participants had to say about the camp!

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Hey Handler, Don't Be a Moose!

Does your dog drop bars or refuse obstacles in "weird" situations? It may be, that you're a MOOSE on an agility course! Find out why and how to stop being one!

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OMD CAMP 2015 Begun Today!

OMD CAMP 2015 is a 4-day event that takes place at McCannDogs, in Ontario, Canada. The OMD Team is looking forward to meeting OMD Pack members from all over North America! The coaches are excited to be able to share their knowledge and experience with a group of people who are eager to learn!

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Happy Birthday OneMind Dogs!

Two years ago, OneMind Dogs online service was launched! The birthday makes me think about the past. It’s rewarding to stop for a second and think about how it all began, why we started this and see how we have succeeded.

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