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Our blog is updated regularly with interesting articles, news and issues concerning dogs, agility and lifestyle. We believe that anyone can get mentally connected with their dog.

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Tips From The Vet

What sort of things should you remember when taking care of an agility dog? Read these tips from vet and OneMind Dogs Coach Minna Martimo!

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Nicole - The Road Warrior

Nicole Levesque drove altogether about 8,000 miles last year to attend to OneMind Dogs seminars. Since Nicole has a lot of experience on being on the road, we asked her to share her tips for driving long distances with dogs.

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I Run By Choice

The image of young and athletic OneMind Dogs agility handlers who run super fast seems to have stuck in people's minds. Did you know that most of these handlers are able to clear all kinds of agility courses without one single running step?

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Canine Anti-Doping - Good Or Bad

Janita Leinonen, the leading OneMind Dogs Coach got a first hand experience with canine anti-doping testing last summer. She wrote an article about the things that went through her mind during the testing process and while waiting for the test results.

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Aiming For Independent Weaves

In OneMind Dogs obstacle training, our goal is to teach the dogs to clear the obstacles regardless of the handler's movement or position. Weaving poles are one of the obstacles where an independent obstacle performance helps a lot: the handler can move to a better position for handling the next sequence while the dog is weaving.

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