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Kathy Zook Miller6 years ago

Never a worry about "delay" I think you all are very busy and I'm in no hurry! I just love participating in this format as I can move at my own pace and still receive your expert advice! In answer to your question, "yes" I did try my original handling thoughts and they put me a little behind ;-)

Noora6 years ago

Hi Kathy and I'm terribly sorry for the delay! It is very nice to hear how you have succeeded with the challenge. These kinds of comments are exactly what we wish to have here. We wish to have comments and discussion concerning the different options for handling and the skills of your dogs. Usually there are multiple ways to handle each sequence and course. When we train we always want to try many different ways for handling some sequences. Did you also try the options you first though of doing? How did they go? @Kathy Miller

Nancy Hudson6 years ago

Looking forward to trying some of this on 25th January :-)

Kathy Zook Miller6 years ago

I love this challenge! Because my agility ring is not as large as yours (mine is 9,000 square feet but there is a shed on it and benches and equipment, etc., that make the working space smaller) I've decided to set the challenge up and practice it in sections - starting with 1 - 22. I had to turn the first jump and the spacing isn't exact on 7 - 10 but I set it in such a way so that I could practice the layering of the #35 jump and weave entry as shown in your video. I was surprised how well my young dog did - getting the weave entry with the rear cross on the poles the first time and finishing them independently so I could be at the next critical point, landing side of 12! If I hadn't studied your video, I would have done a front cross after 9 and run straight at the weaves with my dog on my right hand then front crossed the end of the weaves and handled 12 & 13 from their take off side on the way to the dog walk. I am, as Noora will attest, so mystified by the computer that I have a terrible time uploading videos, but I will attempt to upload me & my dogs doing it the way your OneMind instructors show on your video and also some of my own ideas ;-) I hope it was okay to write all this in the comments - please tell me if I should discuss this in a different forum as I want to participate in the way in which you've intended for your website students. thank you for these wonderful challenges!

Christine Wingate-Wynne6 years ago

Woohoo. Looking forward to do this next weekend :)

Esther de Jong6 years ago

Kathy Zook Miller6 years ago

I'm sorry! I see there is an "introduction for the challenge" in green letters written right here! I got it! sorry for missing it before. . .

Kathy Zook Miller6 years ago

I understand that this is the "action" ending of the methodology video, but I'm wondering is there an actual map posted somewhere I could look at for the obstacle set up? I'll be breaking this down into little pieces to train for weeks! It will be fun! :-)

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