Agility Training Challenge 2

An introduction for the Agility Training Challenge 2.


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Stacy Richards6 years ago

The Aussie Tong Throwers!

Stacy Richards6 years ago

Watch this space.....exciting video soon to come....

Janita Leinonen6 years ago

@Sandy Boyko Thank you for correction Sandy! We hadn't noticed that...

Sandy Boyko6 years ago

I guess you know in the course design description for the segment showing Mikko and Sky is should say Obstacles 37-42. I was trying to map this out and getting confused when it said obstacles 26-42. Sure everyone has figured this out too!

Karen Marriott6 years ago

Looking forward to this. Any chance you could also post the video in slow motion?

Leeroy & Ilona Rinke6 years ago

Oh yeah!!! Our next training is on thursday...time enough to learn the course. ;-)

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