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Agility for Puppies and Beginner Dogs

About the program

Did you know that we can start learning skills for agility together, from the day I come home with you? We’ll play together while developing some important agility foundation skills on the side! You won’t even need any obstacles for most of the fun stuff we’re going to do.

I know my agility career will have the best possible start when we follow the OneMind Dogs Agility Puppy program. They’ve trained thousands of puppies and young dogs before and know exactly what to teach to us, when to do it and in which order! Agility is going to be a lot easier for us in the future because we’ve done the foundation training so well.

Let’s start this program now! The first nine courses have already been published and I’ve heard there’s more to come. You will learn to “speak dog”, I will learn to do obstacles independently, we’ll have lots of fun and we can get through all kinds of courses together as I get older!

Lots of Love,
Your Puppy

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