OneMind Dogs Seminars

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OneMind Dogs Coaches and seminar hosts can post their upcoming OneMind Dogs seminars here so that other pack members are aware of when/where there is training by a OneMind Dogs Coach available in their area.

What is a OneMind Dogs seminar? Know the difference!

When advertising a seminar please include:

  • Location:
  • Dates:
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  • Spots available (working/auditing):
  • How to register:
  • OneMind Dogs Coach or Instructor:
  • Any other important details:


OneMind Dogs Agility Seminare im Hotel Wolf mit Anna Eifert und Veronika Nagy 

5-10. Mai, 25-30. August, 29. September - 4. Oktober, 3-8. November 2019

19-25. Januar, 23-28. Februar, 19-25. April, 2-8. Mai 2020

Mehr Information:

Looking for a seminar in Canada, please! 🍁🍁

Southern Alberta, local. 

Let me know who's hosting and when. 

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