OneMind Dogs Seminars

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OneMind Dogs Coaches and seminar hosts can post their upcoming OneMind Dogs seminars here so that other pack members are aware of when/where there is training by a OneMind Dogs Coach available in their area.

What is a OneMind Dogs seminar? Know the difference!

When advertising a seminar please include:

  • Location:
  • Dates:
  • Cost:
  • Spots available (working/auditing):
  • How to register:
  • OneMind Dogs Coach or Instructor:
  • Any other important details:


Handling Techniques 1 Seminar in Lafayette, Indiana March 9 and March 16.  Play one or both days!

location: the Greater Lafayette Kennel Club, 2475 State Road 25 W (South)
Lafayette IN 47909

Dates: Saturday March 9 and Saturday March 16

Cost: $135 / day working team, and $50 per day auditing

Spots:  6 working spots and unlimited auditing

Regisration:  contact Karen Sollars at

OneMind Dogs Instructor Kim Glass

Other info:  heated indoor facility on turf




OneMind Dogs Agility Seminare in Deutschland mit Anna Eifert OneMind Dogs Trainerin 2019

11-12. Mai: Bochum, 31. August - 1. September: Wolfsburg, 14-15. September: Springe, 5-6. Oktober: Roßtal

Mehr Information:

OneMind Dogs Agility Seminare im Hotel Wolf mit Anna Eifert und Veronika Nagy 

5-10. Mai, 25-30. August, 29. September - 4. Oktober, 3-8. November 2019

19-25. Januar, 23-28. Februar, 19-25. April, 2-8. Mai 2020

Mehr Information:

OneMind Dogs Either - Or Seminar in Latrobe, Pennsylvania

We are excited to announce that OneMind Dogs will be coming to Latrobe, Pennsylvania in the beginning of April 2019! We’re organizing two 2-day seminars over four days, taught by OneMind Dogs Coaches from Finland.

  • Location: Happy Dogs in Moorpark, California US.
  • Dates: March 28th-31st, 2019
  • Cost: $250/day for working teams 
    $85/day for auditors (unlimited)
  • Spots available (working/auditing): Working limited to 10, auditing unlimited
  • How to register: email
  • OneMind Dogs Coach: Timo Liuhto from Finland.
  • Any other important details: Seminar will consist of-
    • Coursework (2 days) – for competitors who know OneMind Dogs Techniques. This seminar focuses on how to apply the handling techniques. Thursday and Friday, March 28thand 29th
    • Handling Techniques 2 (2 days) – for competitors who are familiar with OneMind Dogs philosophy. This seminar focuses on honing advanced techniques like tandem, lap and German turns. 
      Saturday and Sunday, March 30th and 31st
  • Location: Mount Murray, NSW, Australia
  • Dates: 30/31 March, 2019
  • Cost: $110 working spot per day, $40 auditing spot per day
  • Spots available (working/auditing): 7 working spots per class, auditing limited
  • How to register: email
  • OneMind Dogs Coach or Instructor: Niki Drage (coach) and Lynn Madden (instructor)
  • Any other important details: Novice, excellent and masters level classes available. Each working spot covers a full day (half day techniques with Lynn and half day coursework with Niki)

Do you have a  working seminar coming up in Michigan in April?