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OneMind Dogs Coaches and seminar hosts can post their upcoming OneMind Dogs seminars here so that other pack members are aware of when/where there is training by a OneMind Dogs Coach available in their area.

What is a OneMind Dogs seminar? Know the difference!

When advertising a seminar please include:

  • Location:
  • Dates:
  • Cost:
  • Spots available (working/auditing):
  • How to register:
  • OneMind Dogs Coach or Instructor:
  • Any other important details:


OneMind Dogs Agility Seminare im Hotel Wolf mit Anna Eifert und Veronika Nagy 

5-10. Mai, 25-30. August, 29. September - 4. Oktober, 3-8. November 2019

19-25. Januar, 23-28. Februar, 19-25. April, 2-8. Mai 2020

Mehr Information:

Is anyone hosting a seminar in Southern California this summer/fall? 

Is anyone hosting a seminar in Southern California this summer/fall? 

.Hi Sanni, sometimes geography doesn’t do us any favours...

My dream is to attend Anna’s seminars (above) in Garmisch Patenkirchen, — but I am in NSW Australia 🇦🇺.

Is there anyone in NSW, or possibly interstate, who is hosting a OneMind Dog seminar this winter or spring, who has unreserved working spots (that are not strictly by private invitation only) for an advanced dog with a clumsy handler? 

It has to be a location accessible by public transport (train and/or coach preferably as airfares make it too expensive), —unless in the Illawarra or Southern Tablelands.

Unfortunately, I cannot host a seminar. Football fields and athletic centres are not for hire to individuals, booked out a year in advance, and most do not allow dog sports.  The nearest Dog Club (35km) shares their grounds already with the National Rugby League, and cannot sublet. There are no indoor riding schools in the vicinity, there are only trail rides through coastal bushland, where horses are permitted. 

Equipment is the next issue, so are toilets and water, shelter and shade, possibly some basic catering, eg boil a kettle for tea or coffee.

OneMind Dogs is a very small  network on this huge island continent — with only one coach, two instructors and two assistant coaches.



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