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Teach Your Dog How To “Get Over It”

OneMind Dogs obstacle training videos have now been organized into an easy-to-follow training program!

According to a Zen proverb, “Obstacles do not block the path, they are the path.” This is very true when it comes to agility; obstacles are a huge part of agility training.

To make it easier to teach obstacles to your dog, OneMind Dogs is now introducing a step-by-step Obstacle Training online learning program. This thorough and easy to follow online course will help you teach your dog how to perform obstacles independently.

Here’s what goes into the program:


When your dog is thoroughly aware of how to perform a jump, he’ll be able to clear the obstacle independently. Your dog will learn how to focus on performing the obstacles correctly, no matter what you are doing as the handler.


Contacts: Teaching

We will guide you through our training process for contact obstacles from basic 2on2off training, to transferring the behavior to the actual obstacle.


Tunnel & chute

Your dog will learn to perform the chute and tunnel independently and safely, regardless of your motion or position. He will learn to continue straight after the obstacle unless you cue a turn.



We encourage dogs to be independent. Weaving poles are one of the obstacles where an independent performance helps a lot; you can move to a better position for handling the next sequence while your dog is weaving.


As always with OneMind Dogs, the way we teach the obstacles is based on the natural behavior of dogs. And we like to really let the dogs use their brain!

The dogs will often need to figure out what they should do with the obstacles before they get their well-deserved reward. This offering behavior makes the dogs brave and confident. And the more independent your dog is, the easier it will be for you as a handler to concentrate on your job on the course.

Learning the obstacle skills should be a positive and fun experience for your dog. We hope you will both enjoy this training!


Disclaimer: If you are a beginner, take your dog to the obstacles for the first time with an experienced instructor. Use only safe equipment, and make sure that there are no risks for injuries.



Phil Seyer & Magic Momo

I love the concept of teaching dogs to handle obstacles on their own and to go for them unless told otherwise. You can see how Momo showed a lot of obstacle independence in the video below. But note that I need to target for improvement the use of appropriate positioning and use of my Chest Laser pointer at one point in the run.

1 year, 3 months ago

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