Getting OneMinded with Musti and Mirri!

We are super excited to announce the launch of our cooperation with the top pet supplies retail chain in the Nordics, Musti and Mirri! Together we will be able to leverage the method and give all dogs and their people the opportunity to have a better life together.

OneMind Dogs & Musti and Mirri fan Mauri celebrating the cooperation!

The dogs’ wellbeing is in the core of everything we do at OneMind Dogs. Our mission is to give dogs and their people a better life through the world's most intuitive dog training method. We help and teach people to understand the dog’s natural language and make dog training super fun, easy and efficient!

Starting in Finland, members of the Musti and Mirri loyalty program will receive access to the first 5 courses in our Beginner Agility online program. Here are some exciting reasons why learning dog training with OneMind Dogs could change your life!

Quality of Training, Not Quantity

Because the OneMind Dogs method is based on dog’s natural behaviours, success is achievable with very little repetition. The method focuses on having high quality training sessions in which you and your dog progress very quickly, minimizing the time required and maximizing your results.

Dog-Human Communication Made Easy

Imagine how easy communicating with your furry friend could be if only you could ‘speak dog’. OneMind Dogs is teaching people how to speak the language your dog already knows! By learning how to ‘speak dog’, you can achieve a deep level of understanding with your pet and communicate with ease. We teach you these skills in the context of the fun game of agility, helping you build your relationship with your dog and giving you communication skills that you can use on and off the course.

Create a better life for you and your dog!

Spending quality time with your dog and getting to know them better will increase quality of life for you and your dog. OneMind Dogs is all about finding that magical connection between human and dog. We want to help you become OneMinded: so deeply connected that it feels as though you and your dog are truly living as two souls, one mind.

Start Now! Tips for Bonding with your Dog

Training begins with a sound relationship - a bond built on trust and understanding. The best way to start bonding with your dog is to discover what they like - what motivates them? We want you to get the best out of your dog. When you understand what motivates your dog, you can start to figure out how they think. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does your dog like treats or toys better?
  • What type of toys does your dog like - speakers, fuzzy ones, long ones, balls…?
  • What type of treats are your dog’s favourites?
  • What kind of praise and petting does your dog like?
  • What activities does your dog like?

Make sure to test different type of rewards, don’t just assume what your dog likes. Learn how to reward your dog in a fun and productive way. You might be surprised by what motivates your dog!

Get outside and get active with your dog! Once you know what rewards your dog likes, get outside and play with your dog using those types of rewards. Take them to do their favourite activity, for example, running in the forest, and bring your dog’s favourite treats and toys. This will be fun and relieve stress for both the dog and the human. When you start using your dogs motivators to reward him in everyday life, you become the gateway through which all good things happen. This is the start of an amazing bond with your dog.

OneMind Dogs fans in Finland: Get full advantage of our cooperation with Musti and Mirri by joining their loyalty program now! You will receive access to the first 5 courses in OneMind Dogs’ Beginner Agility online program at no additional cost.


Join the loyalty program with Musti and Mirri!


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