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Borzoi Agility – Lou Avant and Whimsy!

Meet the “Whimsical” Team Lou Avant & Borzoi Whimsy! OneMind Dogs Assistant Coach Barbara Currier wrote us to tell about this team she teaches.

"Lou and her Borzoi, CH Hemlock Hollow’s Journey to Rule Sixty-Two, CGCA, RN, BN, JC, NA, NAJ (aka Whimsy) came to me for private lessons in March of 2016.  Whimsy was 15 months old at the time and not competing yet. They were not familiar with OneMind Dogs or the handling system.

Lou has been doing agility for 15 years and has run other Borzois and her current Cattle Dog x, Plunk, in agility. In the past it has taken Lou 3-4 years to get a title on her Borzoi. I knew right away this handler/dog team had the talent, drive and the determination to do whatever it took to be the best team they could be!

Since Borzoi are bred to run at high speeds in a straight line, turning tight at high speed is not easy for them. It was very important that Lou learn how to handle the lines and not the obstacles so as not to slow Whimsy down by being on her line.

I have pushed her out of her comfort zone in so many ways whether it is pushing her to do a certain handling move in competition or attending her very first seminar. Lou always has a winning attitude and is the perfect example of “train don’t complain”. Whimsy started competing in Sept and I am happy to report they went out and won all their classes the first time through and are in Open now and well on their way to Excellent after only 2 trials!

Just goes to show OneMind Dogs works for all breeds of dogs and all types of handlers!  

- OneMind Dogs Assistant Coach Barbara Currier



Laurie Isaacs

Oh that is very encouraging. I run whippets and need lots of tips lol. Thanks for sharing

1 year, 8 months ago

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