your dog's point of view

Learn through your puppy's behavior, and help them grow up as the good dog they were always meant to be.

OneMind Dogs is a unique training method focused on the dog's natural language. Already wildly successful in dog agility, OneMind Dogs is now also available for ALL pet puppies.

What is Puppy Training all about?

Instead of forcing human interactions on a dog, you will learn to create a mutual understanding with your puppy: a bond so strong it feels like you have one mind.

Puppy Training by OneMind Dogs

  • 100+ daily short lessons with progress tracking spread over eight weeks.
  • Optimized by dog training professionals in a way that your puppy learns best.
  • Available anytime, anywhere on your mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • Detailed troubleshooting for the most common training challenges and a live chat for the rest.

Magic of Learning through Dog's Point of View

Dog’s Point of View

First, we want you to understand how your dog sees the world and how your body language affects him.


Your dog already knows the OneMind Dogs method. After you’ve learned it, too, you’ll be able to use it to train and handle your dog.


Our goal is to create a mutual understanding between you and your dog. It’ll feel like you have one, shared mind!

Training for all pet puppies

Puppy Training 8 weeks

For all breeds • 100+ lessons

Give your puppy the best possible start in life by training them! For all puppies and breeds. Covers the most important skills you and your puppy should learn during the first months.

Our mission is to give a happy life to dogs by helping people become amazing dog owners. We are passionate about increasing the mutual understanding between the dog and the owner, making a life together more enjoyable for both.