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Next Level

About the program

The Next Level online training program gives everyone an opportunity to attend to a series of OneMind Dogs seminar.

This program guides you through the most important basic training exercises, proofing obstacle skills, learning to apply handling techniques and finally to run full courses.

The Next Level videos include a lot of different types of handlers and dogs performing the exercises. Each team has their own strengths and weaknesses, which allows the viewer to see a wide variety of learning situations.

43 lessons
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Next Level - Basic Skills

2 lessons
In this course you will learn to know your dog better by practicing different foundation skills.

Next Level - Obstacle Tests

10 lessons
This course will demonstrate how to test the obstacle skills of dogs. By finding out the current level of your dog's skills it will be easier for you to concentrate on training the things that need improvement.

Next Level - Handling Techniques

17 lessons
On this course we go through the OneMind Dogs handling techniques and learn to apply them in sequences.

Next Level - Understanding lines and choosing techniques

6 lessons
One of the core ideas of OneMind Dogs method is to teach you to think about the lines instead of obstacles, but how can you learn to do that? One of the first steps is to learn to see what shape of a jumping line the different handling choices create for your dog. This course will help you understand the lines and choose between different handling options.

Next Level - Different Types Of Training

8 lessons
When you have learned all the different handling techniques there is no need to train them all the time, but you can challenge yourself and your dog with a variety of training approaches. In this course you will learn how you can challenge yourself further.